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What Items Are Discounted The Most At Online Auction Sites?

Getting the best deals on items is what everyone aims for. It's true that the retail price for most products only increases as the years go by. That is not to say that the deals are not out there if you look in the right places. During hard economic times, it is more important to try and get the best deals possible. Knowing what items to buy and from where will mean that you end up getting the highest average discount on products that you purchase. This will also mean that you can suddenly afford products that you might not have been allowed to otherwise. Online auction sites are a great place to find products, but which sites are really going to be the cheapest?

Finding The Right Website
The first thing to consider should not actually be the particular items that you are looking for, but instead, the website that you choose and how they operate. Some auction sites offer much higher discounts than others. We have all heard of the big names that we are all familiar with, but that is not the place where the biggest discounts tend to occur on up to date products. This is well known for stock clearances, and you can expect to get around 25-30% off last years stock from many suppliers. This is also one of the great auction sites to get second hand items from as people clear out their unwanted goods. When purchasing second hand items that are still in good condition, you could expect to achieve somewhere in the region of a 40-50% discount.

Where To Get The Biggest Discounts
Fifty percent discounts might seem like a huge amount and it is unlikely that you will get items any cheaper. Wrong! The reality is that penny auction sites are quickly becoming the most popular places to buy brand new items. Not only are these items brand new, but they are this years stock and up to date latest models. You can expect to achieve 90% discount in comparison to the standard retail price.

On pay per bid auction websites people have to pay to place a bid as the name suggests. This cuts down the competition, which means there is a better chance of winning for those that participate. Many people are put off by the fact that they have to pay, which means they head down the traditional route instead. A Garmin Forerunner 410 recently finished for just £0.58. This is a product that is brand new and has an RRP of £189.99. Someone certainly got themselves a bargain that they were not expecting. In fact, penny auction sites have bargains like this finishing every single day.

Is It Hard To Win Auctions On These Websites?
There is no doubt that winning auctions on traditional auction sites is going to be much easier. That being said, this is to be expected, considering that the discounts on these new alternative style auction shopping sites are going to be around 3 times the value on many occasions. You will be able to get items from the old sites instantly, but you are going to pay a premium price at the same time, so this is something worth considering before making any kind of decision.

BidGrid are an online auction site with a big difference. Here the person with the lowest unique bid is the winner of each auction

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