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What Are The Most Popular Teaching Jobs?

Despite the incredibly demanding workload and the fact that dealing with students' attitudes can be extremely stressful, many still dream of becoming teachers. Everybody has this desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others and among all professions, teaching has the greatest power in fulfilling such a human desire. Teachers are instrumental in moulding character, honing skills and developing potential, and they always hold a very special place in the hearts of their students no matter how long time has passed.

The problem these days with teaching jobs is that finding the right fit is often difficult due to teachers' specialisations. Some positions are easily filled (and competition is always tight) and it takes a while before another opening comes up. To those who have still to determine a subject of specialisation and would like to get a job right away after university, listed below are the most in-demand teaching jobs today.

Special Education or SPED teachers - There are so many SPED institutions these days searching for teaching personnel for their special learners. The job is quite demanding as not only subjects are taught but essential, basic life skills as well; this is because the learners' abilities are more about paying great consideration to their limitations instead of their potentials. With the added responsibilities (and, of course, the usually longer hours of work), not a lot of teachers really want to explore this field of education. The great thing, however, is that most SPED schools are private institutions and compensation for teachers is typically higher.

English as a Second Language or ESL teachers - With emigration increasing every year in the the country, the bilingual population is growing as well. ESL is not only offered in schools but also by the local government for non-traditional learners. ESL teachers usually teach intimate classes with students who have to acquire English as their secondary spoken language. There's also great demand for personal ESL teachers and this arrangement is often more profitable as personal tutors can usually demand a higher rate.

Maths teachers - Perhaps due to the difficulty of all the Math subjects, not a lot of teachers choose to specialise in the different branches of maths, therefore, there's always great demand for them.

Science teachers - More science teachers can always be hired in the mid west. A lot of times, really good science teachers have to come from south east countries where science and technology is considered more advanced than anywhere else.

Choosing the best teaching jobs can help you share the knowledge and skills that you have developed to help children create a better future for them. Moreover, aspiring teachers can have the opportunity to locate the suitable position for them. Check out .

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