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Understanding Study


Study skills lesson on effective study skills is what every other student needs in order to achieve their dream in class. Every other student goes to class to gain the most they can and to also succeed at the end of it. This means that they will use all the resources available in the most effective way so as to optimally reap the available benefits. Every person is different from the other and the studying habits will differ significantly. However, here is a proven method of studying that works across all personalities.


The use of study skills lesson on effective study skills helps a person to achieve all the goals that they desire to have while studying. While practising relentlessly contributes a lot to the success of a person who is studying, it should be appreciated though that it is the right kind of practice that will give one the desired results. Going to class with an objective mind and the intention to succeed will as it has always been, the way to success. Here are some useful tips on effective study skills that one can use;


Given that each individual has unique needs with regards to studying, it is important that one assess their needs, identifies what works for them and plan their activities to make effective use of their resources. A study schedule would come in handy when adhered to. The schedule will also help in allocating time effectively

Studying for and after lectures or classes

Before going for a class, a learner will need to know what they fully understand and not understand from the previous lecture. This is one of the most effective studying skills on effective study tips that a student can employ in their every day class life. Based on the fact that most classes are based on the ones that preceded them, it is imperative that one understands the previous lesson well. After a class, the student is supposed to go through what they have learnt just to reinforce what they have learnt. By studying this way, you have a better chance of asking the help of a teacher a specific point that you question on an area that you are not clear on.

Active listening and studying in class or during lectures

This idea revolves around thinking alongside the teacher. Seeing what the teacher means but not necessarily what they are saying. You will need to internalize everything the teacher says before putting it down in writing. Avoid writing without internalising as you will forget fast and will have a problem studying the same materials later. An active studying method can include the taking of notes, making summaries, making recital and making assessments. All of these activities are meant to help in the gaining, retention of information and the retrieval of the same.

Choose an appropriate time and place

A learner should ensure that the places they are studying at are cool and quiet. They should also ensure that they are fully relaxed when studying. One should avoid the last minute rush as it never helps one retain information.

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