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Top Secrets for Writing a Killer IT Resume

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When you start job hunting, it is very important that your resume is up to date. Writing a great IT resume takes a bit of patience, as well as employing certain clever tricks. Here are some ideas to get you started when writing or updating your resume.

Keep it short and sweet

Even if your list of qualifications and certifications requires at least several pages, you risk boring your would be employers to death. A two page resume is enough to convince any employer that you have the right IT skills to qualify for a certain job. As long as you keep the information concise and easy to read, your resume will be read and taken into consideration.

Measure key skills in years

Right after your name and contact information, you should list the key skills that recommend you for the job. An easy way of offering your future employers the best information on what you know best is to quantify each of the key skills in years of experience. This way, they will know exactly who they are dealing with.

Tailor your IT resume to the position you are applying for

This may take a bit of time and effort but it will help you increase your chances of landing a certain job. Employers like seeing IT professionals that take their time when applying for a job opening, because it is a clear sign that they are really interested in getting that position.

Keep it professional

While there are many people that include personal information, such as hobbies, interests, marital status and so on with their resumes, a professional IT resume should have no place for such details. Most likely, they will be overlooked, and they will not contribute in any way in getting you hired in a field that is as highly competitive as IT.

Present yourself in a positive light

It is not at all advisable to exaggerate your past responsibilities or qualifications when applying for a job in the IT industry. However, you should not be too modest, either. Keep in mind that the employers know nothing about you, and how you present yourself will have an important impact on how they see you.

Do not use technical terms excessively

As it is important to show that you are familiar with IT terms, using an exclusively technical language when writing your resume can hurt as much as lack of knowledge. Chances are that your resume will be read by non-IT staff involved in the hiring process, so it is important that you make a good impression to them as well.

Forget about old technologies

Although some may consider interesting that you have used a certain programming language or a platform that are no longer in fashion, despite being hot 10 years ago, you should consider leaving knowledge of dying technologies aside. Since IT is a fast-changing industry, you need to impress mostly with your knowledge of the latest technologies, not of those that are no longer in use, and will never be again.

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