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Too Much Diet Planning Can Lead To Failure

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Before I get too far into what you eat, I want to mention the importance of taking vitamins. The diet of the average person today is not what it should be to take in all of the recommended vitamins and minerals, and when you are exercising regularly it only makes sense to add a good multi-vitamin to your diet. If are not already taking a daily vitamin, your doctor can recommend something for you. When you get your checkup prior to beginning your new exercise program, explain to your doctor what your plans are and ask him or her to recommend something.

My personal choice is to take is 6 a capsule set that is specifically designed to support an active lifestyle. I prefer the capsules because they release more thoroughly into your system. I do have a specific brand choice, but partially because I represent them too.

Your choices are between you and your doctor, but I can't recommend enough that no matter your choice in vitamins or diet, know what you are putting into your body. You are the owner and manager of your body and you cannot make good management decisions without having the basic information that is required.

Everyone has probably heard about calorie counting and how too many calories, especially the wrong kind of calories can send you down the road to obesity and numerous health problems. Many of us have at some time or another set out to control our eating by counting the calories that we eat, but is a detailed calorie count really needed? Maybe not.

Let's say your goal is to lose weight, and you want to watch your diet and you plan to do it the right way by also adding a little exercise. If you have been maintaining a weight of 220lbs with your current diet and keep eating exactly the same, but add a 300 calorie burning exercise four days a week, you will gain in reaching your goal. It is commonly accepted that a pound of fat consists of about 3,500 calories, so if you are burning off 1,200 calories each week, it is conceivable to expect a loss of about a pound every three weeks without changing your diet.

Be a little careful about what you eat, and cut back even the slightest on how much you eat, and it only gets better. Some simple solutions for this might be to take a look at what you are eating regularly. Check on the approximate calorie count for some of what you eat and compare to something that might be a good alternative for you. Sometimes just a quick look at the information on the package of what you are about to eat can be very surprising, and you may decide to put it back and get something else.

Would I recommend a detailed calorie count for every day of the week? Heck no. How long do you think it would take you to get frustrated with that and just give up? I recommend that you know a little more about what you are eating. Do not go hungry. Do not skip meals. Just take a look at what you are eating and understand what and how it contributes to your body.

Try a little common sense when you look at food packages. If the label says zero fat but also says fifty grams of sugar, do you think it is ok? What do you think happens to all the extra sugar?

If your goal is to gain weight and you know that with your current diet you are maintaining a cool 145lbs, why spend the effort to count every calorie you are eating? Again, pay attention to what you are eating, make sure it is good for you, and see about simply adding 300 or 400 calories a day to your diet. You could add an extra small meal, or maybe a couple of snacks throughout the day, and you will find that you can add calories very quickly.

More importantly for someone who is trying to gain weight, is to understand that muscle weighs more than fat. When you are adding your extra calories, do so with some protein and the right exercise, and you will be well on your way to meeting your goal.

You will find a number of meal replacement drinks on the market that are designed to give you enough nutrients and calories to take the place of a meal. Most of these are intended to help your diet, or to supplement your diet when you do not have time for a full meal. Some of these drinks can be very costly, while others can be quite affordable, and some offer high protein while others offer a boost of energy or a good dose of vitamins.

If you are considering using meal replacement drinks in a weight loss program there is something I want you to consider. For some of you, a can or bottle of liquid will not satisfy your needs. You may be left feeling hungry and that is a feeling that is difficult to ignore. It is easy to grab a bite of something else to help curb your hunger, and then you have defeated the purpose of having the drink in the first place. In fact you have just added to your intake instead of subtracting from your intake.

If your goal is to gain weight, it is hard to go wrong with adding one or two high protein meal replacement drinks to your diet. Think about having a meal replacement drink just before or just after your workout to help replenish what you have lost and the extra protein will help with your muscle rebuilding if you are lifting weights.

A very important part of watching what you eat is that you listen to what your body is telling you. Do not ignore what it has to say because there is usually a reason for it.

Did you know that you really don't have to keep eating until you are so full that you feel like you can't walk? This is true even if you are at a buffet and you are the one buying! If your body tells you that you are craving chocolate, feel free to have a little chocolate. A few bites can often satisfy a craving and you honestly do not need to eat a full one pound chocolate bar in one sitting, or even in one week.

Try eating your ice cream from a coffee cup instead of a bowl. It will help you to limit how much you eat. The same concept works with potato chips or other snacks that come prepared in boxes or bags. You will be far less likely to eat the entire bag while sitting in front of the television than you will if you did not carry the entire bag back to your chair.

If you are having fast food, try getting something from the kid's menu, or leaving a little left over to throw away. Yes I grew up hearing about the starving people who do not get to eat too, but that does not mean that we all need to over compensate by becoming human garbage disposals.

You might try drinking a full glass or bottle of water before you begin eating your meal. The water is certainly good for you, and it may help you to eat a little less by making you feel fuller, quicker.

At snack time, consider replacing the candy bar or bag of chips and a soda with a fruit snack and water, or maybe a 100% juice drink and some beef jerky or a small package of nuts.

A number of prepared snack foods are now available in 100 calorie packets which I have found to be very helpful. Even though I do not pay much attention to my calorie intake, the small packets helps me to limit my intake at break times.

Please, do not simply stop eating or skipping meals as part of your weight loss effort. Your body may start to believe that food is not readily available and may begin to hoard the fat for survival.

Making a conscious effort to eat a little less really is not as difficult as you might think, and the benefits can be very rewarding. If you get hungry, eat, but eat to satisfy your needs and not to fill your stomach. Your stomach will learn that it doesn't have to be stuffed to the point of expansion in order to be satisfied, and eventually you will notice that your feeling of fullness will come with less food intake.

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