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Things To Consider When Getting Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags -- they are small, benign, and generally, not all that cumbersome -- unless, of course, you happen to be working as a swimsuit or cosmetics model, then they become quite the liability. You'll need these small, fleshy growths that appear to hang off of your skin, removed.

Skin tags, also referred to as "barnacles" or "skin tabs," can be found at the base of the neck, on the eyelids, underarms, under the breasts, and groin folds. Some people, more than others, are prone to these growths. If you happen to be one of many, consider the following factors before getting your skin tags removed.

Know what you're dealing with and get checked. Never attempt to have anything removed -- by yourself or by a professional -- without first getting checked. A thorough consultation from an experienced and expert dermatologist will give you access to effective treatments. The professional consultation will also help you manage expectations from the skin tag removal session. Since the cause behind the growth is not entirely known, save for heredity and possible contributing factors like HPV, some individuals may be prone to re-growth despite treatment.

Observe the appearance of the skin tags before removal. Skin tags are typically benign and have not been known to lead to cancer. However, bumps that bleed and/or are present with multiple colours such as pink, red, brown, or black, may require a biopsy. The test will help you rule out any underlying cause like skin cancer.

Choose a skincare facility that specilialises in diathermy. Diathermy is an advanced technique that uses cauterisation to remove skin tags. The procedure begins by numbing the area with a local anaesthesia. The growth is then removed with a heated probe. Other clinics may use other methods such as laser surgery and cryotherapy, which, in exact opposite to diathermy, freezes the skin tag for removal.

Know your budget. Removing skin tags is considered a cosmetic procedure, which means your insurance may not cover it. Procedures like diathermy and laser surgery might blow a hole through your pockets so consider your options carefully before booking a treatment. Perhaps you might be able to apply home remedies or perform removal procedures on your own -- safely, of course and with the proper equipment like a dental floss to tie off the tag stalk. Do not, however, remove the skin tag on your own if it is located on your eyelid. This removal is better left to your eye specialist to avoid any complications.

If you want to have a better skin tag removal services, make sure you choose a skincare clinic that can give you free consultations.

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