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The Trend To Healthy Vending

One of the latest trends in the vending machine industry is healthly vending. By healthy vending we mean of course the vending of products that will be good for you.

In this day and age there is a quite natural push towards the supply and sales of healthy food products to the population at large, by both the medical profession and indeed the government - not just in the UK and US but indeed globally.

It is an appalling fact that figures released recently by the NHS state that in England more than 62% of adults (aged 16 or over) were either overweight or obese, over 30% of children (aged 2-15) were either overweight or obese, and more than 26% of all adults and 16% of all children in the country are actually clinically obese.

Diabetes in the younger generation has increased dramatically during recent times and they are at risk of heart problems and other ailments in later life if they are overweight.

These alarming numbers suggest that something urgently needs to be done to change the culture of the consumption of unhealthy food, snacks and drinks. Most busy people tend to eat on the go - usually grabbing something to eat from a burger chain or a convenient vending machine - so it is important that there needs to be sensible healthy and nutritious alternatives readily available.

The Pros and Consf Owning Healthy Vending Services

Concentrating on having snacks, drinks and food vending equipment serving healthy products can certainly open up new sites and locations - especially in locations 'pushing' general health such as gyms, health clubs, schools and hospitals etc.

Though unhealthy food is unlikely to be disappearing from the Nations menu anytime soon, a gradual rise in the level of the public's consciousness towards healthy eating will undoubtedly continue. A vending machine business that specialises in healthy snacks and drinks should certainly be poised to reap the rewards of this trend.

Unfortunately there seems to be a limited supply of tempting snack and confectionery items with reduced salt and sugar content to offer to the consumer in the machines. it is difficult as the healthy vending operator may jepardise product sales and profits if they do not offer traditional (generally unhealthy) items as well.

Nevertheless, as the world becomes 'greener' and more aware of its populations health, any business specialising in providing healthy products will surely be successful providing healthy products will surely be successful.

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