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The Sheer Number Of Teaching Job Is Expected To Rise As More And More Opportunities Are Opening Up

The Ministry of Education has been under fire for quite some time, with so many issues rising up in the last three years. Many parents have been complaining about the decline in the quality of education in the country which is largely attributed to the fact that people who want to become teaching professionals have not been scoring well in the Qualified Teacher Status or QTS skills test and other necessary examinations. Another concern is also the fact that high-achieving education major graduates are opting to work in other fields instead of practicing the profession they have academic training for.

In an attempt to restore the quality of education in the country, the government is working towards attracting exceptionally gifted professionals both from within the country and overseas by offering more benefits and a really attractive salary. A report came out recently about teaching agencies recruiting teachers abroad to fill the large number of vacant posts in learning institutions across the country and how those who heed the call are provided for financially, in order to easily establish their career in the different country. Hundreds of teachers from different countries emigrated last year and have already found placement in some of the private and public schools. Teachers that are particularly skilled in teaching advanced maths and science subjects while teachers of other nationalities are really effective in teaching English as a secondary language are in need for the growing population of bilingual students in different schools.

Now, going back to the low performance of students in the different science subjects, the government is addressing the problem by offering £20,000 scholarships to high-achieving computer scientists so they will opt for a teaching job instead of working for big corporations. According to reports, "drawing these professionals in the teaching field is expected to take education dynamics to a higher level of technological versatility that would lead to further advancements that will surely benefit the students."

Young graduates' performance in the science subjects has been a big concern for some time now. With the competent science programs of schools in different countries, the Ministry deemed it only appropriate to direct focused attention on improving the dismal ranking of students in the global ranking for scientific knowledge and applications. The allocated amount is only one effort; the ministry is continuously trying to explore other tactics to make sure that their education is one of the best -- if not the best -- in the world.

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