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Symptoms Of Earring Sensitivity And Earring Solutions For Sensitive Ears

Some people with pierced ears experience sensitivity and the unpleasant symptoms of contact dermatitis because of the metal used in their earrings. Nearly 50 percent of earring wearers with pierced ears experience sensitivity symptoms because of the earrings they have chosen to wear. The offending metal is usually nickel. Those with sensitive ears know that symptoms can range from mildly annoying to severe.

Symptoms Of Nickel Allergy

The most common symptoms of allergy to nickel in earrings are:

Itching, ranging from mild to severe

Patches of dry skin that might look like a burn

Development of rash or skin bumps

Redness from mild to severe

In severe allergy cases, blisters can occur along with draining of a clear fluid.

If symptoms of nickel allergy are ignored, they can turn into an infection. It's important to take care of the affected area by washing it with mild soap and water. In severe cases, a topical antibiotic can be used to promote healing of the ear. Wearing earrings should be discontinued until the ear heals completely. It's important to be aware of earring sensitivity and to remove the earrings as soon as possible to avoid these types of unpleasant skin reactions.

The Best Solutions For Earring Wearers With Nickel Sensitivity

Earrings made from hypoallergenic materials are the best choice for those with sensitive ears. Some of the best choices include:

Pure 24K Gold - switching to 24K gold earrings is sometimes enough to reduce symptoms, but is normally more expensive.

Surgical Steel - A great choice that is usually preferred over regular stainless steel. Stainless steel may still contain trace amounts of nickel that can be irritating.

Platinum - An expensive but very effective choice. Often the most expensive of the alternative solutions.

Titanium - Titanium is found in several different alloys and it's important to look up the makeup of the alloy to be sure none of the metals used will cause a reaction.

Niobium - Another metal that is known to cause few reactions in nickel sensitive people. Niobium is noticeably heavier than titanium and is not as popular. It can be difficult to find.

Nylon posts - Earrings with nylon posts are a great choice, but can also be hard to find. They are usually found in styles for children.

Acrylic Or Glass - Both work well for those with nickel sensitivity. Acrylic can cause a reaction if it is worn for too long. Glass is a great option, but can be heavy and hard to find. Styles made from acrylic or glass are usually limited to spirals or buttons.

Teflon or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) - Another possible solution for nickel sensitive wearers. Often, styles are limited to horseshoe or bar bell designs and the material is very flexible, making it challenging to put earrings into pierced ears.

Once an effective solution is found for earring wearers with sensitivity to nickel, they usually find that it has become a joy to wear earrings again. The best advice is to shop for earrings crafted from hypoallergenic materials. Once a solution is found, it is best to stay with materials that work.

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