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Strategies About How You Can Get Pregnant With A Boy

In case you're seeking advice about how you can conceive a boy baby naturally, then listed here are some techniques about simply how to do it - direct to the point. It's actually a complicated issue yet it's presented here using simple terms so that you can know the whole process easily.

There are 3 tips for conceiving a boy baby: timing, position, and acidity.

The Right Time

Make love during ovulation day. For what reason? It is because the male sperm moves more quickly than the X-sperm. Ovulation is the time whenever the egg cell is produced out of the ovary and then stays in the fallopian tube for the semen to merge with it. It generally happens around mid-cycle. In case the Y-sperm reaches the egg first, there is a greater possibility of conceiving a boy.

But it's harder than it appears. The ovulation day is not that an easy task to determine. Some procedures of determining your ovulation day include the BBT method, saliva ovulation test, and cervical mucosa method.

Based on this kind of theory regarding how to conceive a boy, you should avoid having intercourse 2-3 days before the estimated ovulation. You should try to have intercourse near ovulation. It shouldn't be done over a day prior to the estimated ovulation. It's mainly because the Y-sperm is thought to reach the egg first because it's quicker compared to the X-sperm.


Have a deep position during love making, particularly during climax. Why? It's because the male sperm die sooner than the X-sperm. Employing a deep posture provides the Y-sperm a quicker and easier access to the egg. And it must take place before they expire. Recommended positions are the missionary position and the "from-behind" position.


Essentially, alkalinity favors the Y-sperm and the acidity favors the X-sperm. All of the sperm will struggle to endure in an acidic environment. And since the Y-sperm die out sooner, they will be the first to die out. Having a body with higher PH levels is much better if you would like to conceive a boy.

How to help make your body have higher PH levels? There are 2 strategies. The first is the woman should climax right before the man. Climaxing makes the woman less acidic. The second has something to do with the partners' eating habits. They should eat less acidic foods.

Preparing For Getting Pregnant With A Baby Boy

Planning the gender of your baby calls for a change in the diet and lifestyle of the partners. Both of them should exert hard work to become successful. The approach should be focused. The partners should be careful in determining her day of ovulation as it is really important in having a boy. The lady must climax just before the guy. And the partners should consume much more of certain foods and steer clear of some others. Obviously, they should do these only until the male sperm has reached the egg!

In just a year of trying, you are likely to have conceived a baby boy. You'll be amazed when the sonography confirms it in the near future. It is all worth the effort.

Gender planning may be unbelievable but it's true. Many experiments have already proven its effectiveness. In case you want to conceive a girl instead, please click this link:

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