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Start An Enjoyable Career By Getting Certified As A Dental Assistant

What is a dental assistant? A dental assistant is that professional working with the dentist - the person who prepares the patient before the dentist will take a look at him or her, the person who fixes your dental appointment and the person who basically assists the dentist. That is the dental assistant. Little do you know that this professional needs a certification to practice such profession. They will have to undergo school, extra studies, training, hands-on practice and examination to become a dental assistant.

Dental assisting is not some lame profession that can be done by just anyone. The Dental Assisting National Board regulates the practice of this profession and has commissioned everyone interested to pass their certification exam first. This is because a demand on this profession has been foreseen for the next coming years and the National Board wants the service to be of superior standards and upheld in the highest of quality as well. It is a career and not just a part time gig.

How does one become a dental assistant?

You will have to remember that the dental assisting certification is a requirement in most states but not needed in some. There are different certifications when it comes to dental assisting. So for example, you live in New York and you are a certified dental assistant in the state. If you will be moving to California, chances are that your local dental assisting certification will not be recognized. You will have to take the dental assisting certification of the state.

This is the reason why the Dental Assisting National Board certification will come in handy. If you pass their examination, you will be able to practice dental assisting in about 30 states country-wide. You have more options and less hassle.

So, to become a dental assistant - take the DANB exam - check! But that is a fast forward move. How will you be able to answer the examination of the DANB if you do not study for it? You have to enroll in a dental assisting school in your area so you can be trained for your upcoming certification exam. Remember that the DANB exam has three parts: General Chairside, Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control. Pick a school which offers there dental assisting programs.

Some schools offer these studies at a short term program of 13 weeks. Others can go as long as 9 months. See to it that you pick a school with the least amount of time possible to avoid unnecessary subjects and to save your hard earned cash. The three parts in the DANB exam is all you need to master. You do not have to go into other topics unless you want to widen your scope.

So, pick the best dental assisting school - check! Some schools offer payment programs and installment schedules. You can also request for time flexibility. These schools will do anything to help you achieve your dreams. Never give up, never surrender. If you want something, grab it. If you want to become a dental assistant, you will be with the right choice of school.

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