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Some Simple Parquetry Advice

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Have you ever thought what a wooden parquetry floor could do for your property in terms of beauty and investment? But what exactly is parquetry flooring and where does it come from?

A parquety floor is nothing but a wooden floor. However, the different is that the prior has numerous wooden pieces that have been brought together as if in puzzle or a mosaic pattern. The parquet floor can be very small or very large based on your preferences. The types of wood used to make parquet may vary and so can the grains. You can choose whatever you want to create an attractive pattern. In many countries such as India, such inlay is also popular for decorative items and furniture.

The reason why a parquetry flooring is laid is simply. It works as a layer over the floor so that people can walk over it with ease. Back in time wooden floors were confined to cheap homes because manufacturing wooden floors was cheaper. The wealthy homes on the other hand had floors made out of marble, slate, and limestone. Once parquetry came into the world, things changed and wood was not for cheap homes anymore. Now the technique is being used to come up with very sophisticated and beautiful floors that are also durable and lasting. They also have advantages over stone flooring in that parquet flooring does not trap moisture and thus, there is no rotting.

The type of wood to be used can be chosen based on requirements. The pattern may be subtle or bold. Subtle pattern includes a variety of grains on the tiles. Bold floors have various colors radically. Brick style flooring, chevron, basket, and herringbone are the most common types of parquetry patterns. There are also ornate parquet flooring options, which use geometric patterns to form abstract art, sunbursts, floral themes, and so on.

Parquet was traditionally made out of wooden solid pieces that are cut in a specific tongue and groove pattern. This pattern is used so that the pieces can be put together with ease. The floor is solid throughout and this gives the advantage of sanding and resurfacing as and when it degrades. High quality floors can actually be refinished a number of times. Veneer results in cheap parquet. Veneer is nothing but a strip of wood that is of high quality. The strip is taken and attached onto a particleboard. Laminate is even cheaper than veneer and it can't be refinished at all.

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