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Service Vacuums To Fix Clogs In Central Vacuums

I am the judgment broker who writes often. Central vacuum systems have many drawbacks, primarily to keep your house clean and make vacuuming easier. Their drawbacks is the expense, and their installation hassles. I don't believe anybody ever regretted installing a central vacuum in a home.

Anyone building, or having their home constructed; would do well to think about installing a central vacuum system before there is sheetrock installed. Central vacuum systems most often have their filter bag and motor outside or in the garage, and only the rug powerhead and hose unit is within a residence. The filter bags inside central vacuum systems are usually much bigger than regular portable vacuums, and replacing the bags most often doesn't bring you near to as much dirt. Another feature is that central vacuums are quieter, as their motor is in another area.

Reliable central vacuums are available for nearly any structure. Mobile homes, tiny homes, and trailers, can use the powerful and cheap Eureka Yellow Jacket vacuum cleaner as their central vacuum system's main unit. The Yellow Jacket vacuum is very powerful for its size and price, and for that reason it is often known as a service vacuum cleaner. The Yellow Jacket vacuum cleaner is not meant to be a mobile vacuum, although its power means it can most often unplug central vacuum system tubes, and may come in handy for certain cleaning jobs.

One headache that comes with central vacuum systems is they have lengthy plastic tubing installed over, under, or within the walls in a residence. The tubes may become clogged over the years. Obviously, if you vacuum up golf balls and dirt, the tubes may get plugged right away. When one of my central vacuum tubes plugged, I Googled and found a blog post from the folks with For about $155 or so, they had a central vacuum system clog removal kit. I figured it wouldcost nearly that much to pay somebody to remove the plug inside central vacuum tube. Their kit includes a Eureka Yellow Jacket vacuum cleaner unit, and adapters and hoses that fit central vacuum systems. So many products are not standard-sized, fortunately central vacuuming system hoses and fittings seem to be.

The Yellow Jacket seems to be stronger than most vacuum cleaners, and it is powerful enough to suck out the majority of obstructions. While you may be able to find this Eureka Yellow Jacket vacuum cleaner for less somewhere else, it's foolish not to buy this at; as in one kit you're saved from buying more parts, or traveling around town to make it all fit together. At their site, it is not so easy to find this, it is under Products/New Products for Central Vacuums/New Products/Central Vacuum Clog Removal Kit.

Their kit works well, however it's not perfect. I had some difficulty figuring out the way to attach their hose to their fittings. The hose seemed too big for the nozzles. They have good support, and they quickly emailed me, "You screw the hoses on counter-clockwise, opposite of how you would screw a light bulb in". I found that didn't work in my case, and that some duct tape worked great to attach things, and a few wraps of the duct tape made everything strong enough. It seems my obstruction was not a big thing; my clog was a combination of small pieces of paper, a thumb tack, paper clips, and a whole bunch of gray colored dense fuzz. Things I learned when I removed my clog include:

1) The way unclogging central vacuum system tubes can work, is to remove air away from the obstructed system tube, causing the air moving the other way; to make that clog come back toward you. Of course, if you've vacuumed glue or cement, you'll never be able to remove the plug.

2) There's not any power switch on the Yellow Jacket vacuum, the vacuum uses 2 wires with spade lugs on the ends. It's really-low voltage, and you simply keep them touched together, to keep the vacuum going.

3) On a theory, I opened up the remaining non-clogged central vacuuming system ports at my home, and undid the vacuum system filter bag assembly; which I believed that would help with the air flow. I connected the Yellow Jacket up, and let it run for several minutes. I noticed the vacuum was getting warm, and the outgoing tube air flow was restricted, so I unplugged it; and saw inside the wall plate an edge of a gray-colored fur-ball. I simply pulled on the end of the ball of fur, to bring it out, and pulled about half of it out. Then, I reconnected the Yellow Jacket, and this time it quickly sucked the remainder of the obstruction, and the exhaust airflow resumed quickly. I was done, the clog was gone. Now the Yellow Jacket sits inside my garage, ready for it's next clog.

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