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Planting and Raising Heirloom Asparagus Seeds

Patience is important for a successfully planting a bed of asparagus seeds. After approximately two to three years it will be firmly established with the plants naturally reseeding annually. This creates a virtually endless supply of crisp yet tender asparagus. The shoots can be enjoyed fresh from the garden or cooked. They can also be frozen or pickled for enjoying later in the year. Placing a fence around the bed will prevent rabbits and deer from beating the home gardener to the first tender shoots, which are called sprue.

Asparagus seeds, according to most historical accounts began cultivation near the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the Asian continent; approximately 3000 B.C. History shows its popularity over the centuries, as it is featured in ancient Egyptian friezes where it is depicted as an offering. The oldest cookbook discovered so far, includes instructions for using asparagus. This vegetable was dried and frozen for later use by ancient Greeks and Romans. Written reports of its popularity are featured in accounts of Emperor Augustus' Asparagus Fleet which was built exclusively to haul asparagus back to his royal table.

The popularity of the plant made it spread through Northern Europe and the New World. It was originally thought to be an aphrodisiac and was cultivated for this and it's supposed medicinal properties. Writers composed poems and songs in praise of the asparagus plant and showcasing its properties.

Asparagus seeds grow tender shoots that are popular with anyone wants a low-calorie and nutritious vegetable packed with flavor. Asparagus is packed with beneficial antioxidants as well as a wealth of vitamins and minerals including potassium, vitamin C and folate. Providing sufficient moisture is essential when raising asparagus as the stalks are mostly water and become woody when dry.

Growing heirloom asparagus from seeds requires preparing the soil in a spot on the edge of the garden where it will not be disturbed while the bed establishes. Many people have excellent experience growing asparagus a wide variety of soils, and have reported that it even thrives in saline soil near coastal areas.

Before planting Mary Washington Asparagus seeds, soak them overnight, and then start as seedlings in doors before transplanting into the garden. Mary Washington is considered to be a rust-resistant variety that can be ready to pick as soon as two years after being started. While the lifetime of a bed is considered to average thirty years, it is possible with reseeding for them to last much longer. Cultivation tips for how to grow heirloom asparagus seeds are available for home gardeners.

Planning an heirloom garden using organic seeds is one of the steps toward developing a sustainable lifestyle as well as providing your family with organic produce. Sustainable Seed Company has more than 1570 varieites of heirloom seeds and is constantly working toward saving these valuable food sources from becoming extinct.

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