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Old-Fashioned Taste From Heirloom Watermelons

Grow heirloom watermelon seeds for sweet flavor brimming with juice in every bite. They have the old-fashioned flavor associated with this popular melon variety. Words fail to explain the comparison between the fruit from heirloom varieties and those grown using hybrid seeds. While hybrids have allowed people to enjoy fruits and vegetables year round, it wasn't without sacrifice. The juicy flavor that made them popular to begin with has been replaced with the ability to travel long distances. As with all garden produce, heirloom watermelon seeds will provide an unparalleled flavor sensation.

Gardeners are able to judge when their melons are nearing the best time to pick. Some will thump and listen for a hollow sound, others plug and some swear they can smell them. Best results occur when starting organic heirloom seed indoors several weeks before the last spring frost. Peat pots which can be carefully pulled away or left on are the best choice, but certainly not the only one. Alternatively they can be placed in a mound, but it will take a little longer to begin enjoying their crisp, sweet and juicy flavor. An added advantage of heirloom seeds is they can be saved from year to year and replanted, unlike hybrids.

With multiple strains of heirloom watermelon seeds available for the home gardener, it can be difficult to choose just one. Considerations should include growing time, space, disease resistance and storage. A popular all-around choice of home gardeners is the ultra-sweet flavor produced by Organic Crimson Sweet seeds which feature almost 20-25 pounds of flavor with 12% sugar content at maturity. Their lush vines will cover a 12 foot area, and provide hidden flavor treasures. The Allsweet is a melon that is closely related that works well because of its ability to handle and hold well.

Color is part of what makes a home garden beautiful, and different varieties of commonly grown fruits and vegetables can add a surprise. Yellow Gem Sweet melons are an exceedingly rare heirloom variety that has only recently been reintroduced to home gardens. It lives up to the name, providing sweet yellow flesh that is crispy and juicy. Another variety, Golden Honey, features a yellow rind when it is ready to harvest. It's a smaller melon, oval and approximately seven to eight inches across.

Saving seeds from extinction is part of the effort put forth by seed banks and home gardeners everywhere. The Organic Moon and Stars watermelon was thought to be extinct until seeds were found in 1981. The gentleman who had been raising them, donated to the heirloom seed bank and they are now being grown in sufficient quantities that home gardeners can enjoy them.

Georgia Rattlesnake watermelon seeds develop a splendid rattler striped rind, which hides a crisp red flesh. This has been a popular choice with home gardeners, and the people who enjoy reap their harvest. It offers a juicy red interior and seeds that are perfect for spitting or saving.

Starting organic heirloom watermelon seeds indoors in the spring and eat them earlier in the summer, or sow them directly into the garden. The fruits of your labor can be enjoyed year after year as unlike hybrids, heirloom seeds will continue to breed true every year, producing the same flavor and characteristics as it did in the past. Don't suffer through another year of mushy, flavorless food. Begin planting heirloom seeds to develop the flavor and nutrients they were intended to.

Growing certified organic heirloom seeds will provide mouthwatering flavor that can't be bought. Other benefits include the ability to know what has been put into the food your family consumes as well as being able to save seeds for the following year.

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