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Natural Childbirth

If you are thinking of having a natural childbirth then you want to get very educated about what your options are. If this is your first baby and your doctor thinks you might be in a high risk category or if you are of advanced maternal age then you might want to reconsider having a natural childbirth.

The term natural childbirth can mean many different things to many people. To some people it means not having a cesarean section. To other people it means not using drugs or an epideral. To other people it means attending breathing or Lamaze classes. To other natural childbirth can mean having the birth at home or with a midwife at the hospital. Some people have even considered having a water birth either in a pool, jacuzzi or bathtub to be a natural childbirth.

When you are making your plans for your birth experience keep in mind that family, friends and even stranger will have strong opinions on whatever method you choose. If you are going to do someone that is unconventional then you might want to keep your plans to yourself since it will bother you to hear other's judge you for whatever experience you want to have.

You will want to talk to women that have had a variety of experience, watch movies and even watch on youtube to see the variety of birthing experiences. You might even want to hire a doula or midwife to guide you through the birthing experience and to help prepare you for the overwhelm of information and things to prepare for before you baby comes. You might even want to take some time off of work so you can mentally and physically prepare your home for all the changes that will be coming.

You will want to talk to your doctor about your exercise regimen and what you eat to see if there are any modifications that she would suggest. If you want to have a medical birth then you will want to talk to your doctor about scheduling as well. The last two months of your pregnancy you will want to avoid long trips just in case the baby comes early. It will be more uncomfortable to move around so you probably won't want to be driving or flying anyplace. The last two months are a time for getting your home, legal affairs and your work situation or maternity leave handled so you don't have to worry about that once the baby comes.

Kelly McBride is a Certified Master Pilates Instructor of Pre/Postnatal Pilates . She founded Belly Pilates in 2005. Belly Pilates, founded in 2005, is the only Pilates & Maternal Wellness Studio of its kind. Belly is solely dedicated to provide Education, Energy & Exercise for Every Stage of a Woman's Life.

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