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My Contribution To The Green Revolution

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Books are my treasure and I started reading at the age of 5. I was fed on a steady diet of Enid Blyton, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and Grimm's fairy tales. My imagination would soar and I would envisage myself living in one of those fairy tale homes with tiled roofs and wooden walls. When I actually grew up too I always wanted to build a quaint cottage with a picket fence around it.

When I started planning a house of my own I wanted wooden rafters, wooden walls, wardrobes and the works. The hunt for the best wood was on and when the contractor told me how much wood I would need, I was taken aback; almost 20000 sq.ft of wooden lumber!! I was taken aback and actually jolted out of my dream world. I am a staunch supporter of the green revolution and deplored the cutting of forests and the diminishing ozone layer. Wooden homes are said to be warmer and aesthetically look good but at the cost of felling so many trees it is just not worth it.

When I started searching for alternatives, I heard about vinyl weatherboards which were much lighter than wood, sturdier and even available in different colors. They seemed much more durable and no fear of termites or erosion by rain and wind. I was quite pleasantly surprised as they were easier on my pocket too. The thought of a fairy tale house was now out of my mind and I now envisaged a more fashionable and stylish home.

My friend who is an architect sent me catalogues of weatherboard house designs and I sat browsing through them the whole day. The sheer variety and diversity in the designs were mindboggling. I would zero in on one design and then come across another which was more tempting. My husband did not interfere and asked me to take my time in choosing the best and the most appealing. He gave me a free rein and I was like a wild bull let loose without a tether. After days of vacillating between a duplex or a bungalow or a villa, I finally decided on my dream home. It looked like one of the cottages in the fairytales but with a more contemporary look.

My architect friend was impressed with my choice and said that my home would be one of its kind in the neighborhood. I always like to be different and naturally my home too needs to look unique. Next step would be finding the right materials which could make my dream home into a reality. I was told that Weatherboard homes is the one stop destination for all my house building needs. I opened their catalog and started browsing and ordering vinyl weatherboards. I sat back in relief and patted myself on my back as I wasn't eroding our depleting natural resources and on a decision well taken.

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