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More Head Lice Treatment Remedies

Head lice are a critters that causes dread for many parents. These are common in children and easily transmitted it to friends and school mates. Adults can catch head lice also. Read on for more information on head lice and head lice treatment remedies.

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice live in the scalp of your hair. The will breed, eat, and live on hair on your body. They cannot fly or jump. But they do have claws. They will move from one strand of hair to another. Lice can move fast when the hair is moved. Females can lay up to eight eggs a day. They will be laid at the scalp, their food supply source. These eggs are called nits. The life cycle is around seven to ten days for them to hatch. They easily visible in dark hair as they are white. They are found at the nape and behind a person's ears. Removal can be difficult as adult lice have claws. If you had dandruff it can be removed. If it does not, you or your child may be infested with head lice.

Head Lice Treatments NOT to Use

How can you remove the nits and the adult lice? There were hazardous treatments used in days of old. Using kerosene to suffocate them resulted in burns on the head and sometimes the face of children. Shaving the child' hair, people thought that would get rid of the lice. Using chemical pesticides, which caused people to be sick, were often used.

Head Lice Comb

A technique using a web comb only has a forty percent success rate or even less. If your comb shows nits, you are infested. Applying this method for up to a fortnight doesn't work as they are still hatching and growing.

Head Lice Treatment Shampoo

The best effective solution is lice shampoo and lotion. Talking to a chemist will show you what to buy. Follow the instructions on the shampoo label and use a timer. You could leave the shampoo on too long and cause irritation to the scalp. The shampoo cannot kill everything at once. To kill new eggs that were missed that hatched, shampoo again in seven days. Wet comb between the shampoo every day and check the scalp. Every person has to be checked for head lice. If lice are detected, that person must be treated. If the shampoo is ineffective, you may need to ask your medical practitioner for another solution. Often the school will request you get a doctor's note to return to school. Lice are very contagious.

Head Lice Hygiene

Another remedy to head lice treatments is washing everything. When a person uses a towel, pillow, sheets, clothing, and more, it is infested with lice. Stuffed animals, which have to be placed in a trash bag for a period of time, will kill lice. It will take about fourteen days because you took their food away from them. If you can, place them in the dryer. After washing everything, use the hottest dryer setting possible. Heat will kill the lice. Al least an hour should be effective. If your house has carpet, vacuum thoroughly and dump it outside in the trash can. There is a possibility of contamination if nit is dropped on the floor.

Follow these basic tips on head lice treatment. You can stop a major infestation in its tracks.

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