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Mind Over Body: How To Get Winning Motivation To Lose Weight

Defeat is not an option. When it comes to your weight, those extra pounds can mean the difference between merely sluggish days and poor health. Losing weight isn't just about coming down a dress size or two. It is, more importantly, about living the quality of life you are meant to live: healthy and happy. But the tempting appeal of a sedentary lifestyle combined with the seeming lack of time can defeat efforts in dieting and exercise. How do you fight the things that work against your health and fitness regimen?

Find the winning motivation to lose weight. This means building up the proper mindset to build up your drive, your energy to push on with your workout routine and diet -- no matter the odds. You may think that spending time at the gym is boring. Maybe you don't consider fitness routines your priority since you're on a fast track to a promotion at work, and you would rather fine-tune a presentation than fine-tune your health. Maybe you have given up on diets because none of the ones you have tried seem to deliver the results you want. Whatever is holding you back from losing the extra weight, it is time to begin with your mind before you work on your body.

The way to do that is to arm yourself with information. First, determine exactly what being your ideal weight and health will give you? What it will mean to you and to your ideal life with those you love. Next determine what price you are willing to pay for success? What actions do you need to take on a daily basis. If you're a goal-oriented worker, small daily reference points for success can be more motivating than focusing on the scales.

Consider getting professional help with weight loss through programs that work around your individual schedule and focus on education, accountability and support. Weight loss programs that enable you to recognise emotions and habits that sabotage your efforts towards health and fitness will deliver the best results.

Lastly, list the activities you love. If you're not into the gym, then find a physical activity you enjoy and integrate that with your weight loss regimen. It could be dancing, mountain biking, surfing or rock climbing. The good regime you can stick to always beats the perfect regime you give up on. You'll not only gain energy and drive to propel you through your weight loss routine but you'll also build confidence in your ability to stick with it and perhaps lose weight in a month.

Perhaps you have given up on diets since none of the ones you've tried seem to give good results you want. Whatsoever is holding you back from losing the extra weight, it's about time to begin with your mind when you work with your body. To get more info visit

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