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Lasting Comfort With Cooling Sheets

Some people, men and women alike, experience night sweats. This leaves them unable to sleep at night, and they often wake up drenched in perspiration. It is normal to feel hot at night when a person lives in a place with a warm, humid temperature or if it is summer and a room has poor ventilation. However, if this happens year-round, this may be caused by different factors. Fortunately, there are cooling sheets to address this concern. These are made from a special wicking material that regulates body temperature so affected people do not have to wake up to change their clothes or bedding.

Night sweats can be caused by a lot of things. It is common for women undergoing menopause to experience hot flashes, especially at nighttime. Some people take medications that cause them to sweat a lot. Others have medical conditions that give them night sweats like hyperhidrosis, hypoglycemia, infections, and hormonal disorders, to name a few.

Why Choose Wicking Sheets?

Wicking sheets provide comfort during both the summer and winter months. During the warmer months, they pull away the sweat from the body. The sweat does not stay in them just like in regular sheets. This is because they are made from a special fabric that allows them to dry easily, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. Wicking sheets help regulate your body temperature to a comfortable level, so you won't get too cold in winter.

Advantages of Cooling Wicking Sheets

- They are highly absorbent and extra soft.

They are made from bamboo vicose, which makes them very absorbent. This is softer than cotton of the highest quality.

- They are very durable.

Bamboo, when made into fabric, is very durable. They do not fade like sheets made of cotton and cotton blends.

- They are breathable.

They let warm and cool air flow through, adjusting to the temperature of your room.

- They are ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

Wicking sheets take away sweat from the body, preventing moisture from staying on the skin. This avoids skin irritation. This is beneficial to individuals who suffer from eczema and other skin disorders. This can also provide comfort to those who are suffering from temporary skin conditions, such as rashes.

- They are favorable to those who have night sweats.

They provide uninterrupted sleep by letting them stay dry and cool.

- They are beneficial to those suffering from fever.

Wicking sheets regulate the body's temperature, helping to reduce the effects of fever.

- They are easy to clean.

Cleaning these sheets is effortless. They can be washed with cold water and dried on low heat without affecting their moisture wicking properties. They do not need any bleach. They are wrinkle-free so they do not need any ironing.


There are many reasons to choose cooling sheets over regular sheets made from cotton and cotton blend materials. With their moisture wicking properties, they are beneficial to those who suffer from night sweats and those who have sensitive skin. Aside from this, they are easy to clean and maintain. While other sheets need to be replaced, these sheets are durable and last a very long time. This allows you to save money, making them a worthy investment.

Laura Wheelock is the creator of Cool Wicking PJs, an online store specializing in moisture wicking products to wick away night sweats and sweating at night. Wicking sleepwear is available for both men and women.For helpful information on cooling sheets and to view products, visit

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