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How To Have A Safe Pregnancy

If you have just found out you are pregnant then you are probably experiencing a range of emotions from excitement, anxiety to maybe even sheer terror. If it's an unplanned pregnancy then it might be causing you a bit of anxiety while you are figuring out how you will be adding a new baby into your life. If you are not in a committed relationship then worrying about child-care, re-thinking your housing situation, finances and your work schedule will be more stress.

If it is a planned pregnancy then you might have some of the same worries so working with your family and husband should help to alleviate some of your fears. There is a lot of conflicting information about what is safe for a healthy pregnancy and what is not safe. It is best to error on the side of being conservative though when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy.

One of the first things you need to think about is what you eat. You want to make sure to eat wholesome, nourishing foods and avoid processed and chemical laden foods. You'll want to cut out alcohol as well. There is quite a bit of controvery over drinking caffeine or having coffee while you are pregnant and the studies are inconclusive. You want to make sure to have lots of folic acid and you should start taking a prenatal multi-vitamin to ensure you folic acids levels are high enough.

If you are a smoker then you'll need to stop smoking since studies are conclusive about the dangers and risks associated with smoking during pregnancy.

If you are taking medications then you need to check with your doctor about which are safe while you are pregnant. Some medications are fine but some are contraindicated during pregnancy.

You also might need to modify your fitness routine. Some types of exercise are safe and even recommended during pregnancy like yoga but other kinds of exercise such as anything where you are compressing your stomach are definitely not recommneded. Exercising such as walking or swimming should be find but high impact or anything involving balancing such as power yoga classes you need to be cautious about. Prenatal pilates is great since it strengthens the pelvic floor and can even be helpful for having an easier birth.

You want to take care of your mental health as well since you might be full of anxiety so having a practice such as meditation or yoga which can help to calm you and ease your anxities is a good idea.

Kelly McBride is a Certified Master Pilates Instructor of Pre/Postnatal Pilates . She founded Belly Pilates in 2005. Belly Pilates, founded in 2005, is the only Pilates & Maternal Wellness Studio of its kind. Belly is solely dedicated to provide Education, Energy & Exercise for Every Stage of a Woman's Life.

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