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Home Staging Tips and Tricks

Selling a house takes more than just placing a for sale sign in the front garden and hoping for the best. Your agent employs many different mediums and processes to ensure the homes visibility and attract potential buyers. Your role is equally relevant to the process. Preparing your home to sell can have enormous impact on how quickly the For Sale sign turns to Sold. These Home Staging tips provide an essential step in preparing a house to sell and will enable you to contribute to selling your home more quickly.

First Impressions: Be aware of what a prospective buyer will see as the drive up to the home. Neatly trimmed, swept gardens with well manicured lawns invite buyers to explore the home further.

Aroma: Fresh baked cookies give the home an inviting aroma making buyers feel warm and welcome. Dilute vanilla essence with water and microwave for a few seconds to create this aroma. Appealing to our sense of smell scent can make any house feel like a home where people want to live and raise their family. The house needs to smell refreshing and clean.

Arrangement: Add warmth to a couch or change the tone of a room by adding throw or pillows. Place flowers as a centerpiece of a dining room table or set it with fine dinnerware, napkins and wine glasses to create a look that compliments the room. A bowl of colorfully arranged fruit on the kitchen counter will brighten and enhance any kitchen. Plants added to areas of unused space often create features. Go for hotel chic with soft white towels neatly stacked in a towel holder, scented soaps or candles and beds beautifully made up with crisp linen. Comfort cushions and a soft throw will also add coziness to a room.

Clean & Organize: When looking at a house, the buyer will try to visualize how their belongings will fit into the home. It's important to remove personal belongings such as family photos, mail and shopping lists. Clean any clutter out of each room, leaving the room looking larger and more open. Make sure all furniture is placed in the best position for the room, dusted, beds are made, and floors are clean, so buyers feel a sense of livable space and not just a messy house they cannot wait to leave. Also remove magnets, and notes from the refrigerator.

Lighting: Let all the light come in through the windows. If you have furniture blocking a window, move it somewhere else. The lighting needs to be inviting in each area of your home. Walk through your home and see if there are dark, unlit spaces and address them with a table lamp or other light source. If your light bulbs are too bright or too dull, change them out. You need to create a comfortable atmosphere for home buyers.

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