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Healty Self Esteem - Can We Go Too Far?

Modern people are usually very interested in self improvement, but they hardly understand the difference between self obsess and self improvement. There are cases when personal development plans become too selfish and people use harmful and unethical methods to reach their action plan goals. In order to know more about this difference, you need to learn more on how to avoid becoming unpopular with family and friends.

Most of us would like to feel self confident all the time. Some people do. If we look around we can even spot people that were born with very high and healthy self esteem. This is remarkable. Whilst most of us need to work hard on self improvement I have always admired, secretly sometimes, how healthy some peoples nervous systems can be. It is as if... well, it is as if some people never ever doubt what they are doing or saying. Thankfully the rest of us can go head with some quality improvements on ourselves!

There are various styles in which we modern people can work on our self confidence and personal growth. We can do this on our own or get some personal coaching. Several years ago phsyco therapy was the thing to do. Then we seem to have realised that we can not dwell for too long in the past. We need to take responsibility and certainly not blame other people for any mishaps... so Freud has been in the cold for quite some time. I think he is fine there. Then there were neuro linguistic programs (NLP), there was cognitive behavioral therapy, etc, etc. Today coaching is helping many people, meditation and marathon running. All useful methods for self improvement and I have tried some of them.

It seems quite funny and useless to wait until reaching the age of 95 to take some action against the low self esteem. Actually, self improvment program can help people of all ages, if they really wish to change for good. Usually, the problem begins during the teenage years, but can happen also in the middle ages, when the person experiences the so-called midlife crisis. You don't have to wait any longer, but start changing even from today. Just learn what the essence of healthy personal growth is and what makes it different from self obsession.

These days, people try various methods to improve their low self esteem and one of these methods is called Facebook. They use it or other social media sites to show their photos, waiting for other peoples admirations. Actually, everyone can do it in a matter of a few seconds using their iPhone-self-portrait-camera for free. People who wanted to have self portraits had to pay a fortune in the past, but the modern technology opened this opportunity to every person. However, do you agree that this could be called healthy self esteem?

For more information about personal growth, check out this site, . Another article that I'm sure you'll like is this review on personal growth here, .

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