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Grilling And Frying Guide

There are so many different options that you have when you have a grill that has a portable fryer built in. There are such products, and it can change what is possible when you are creating your food masterpiece. A grill fryer essentially allows the cook to be able to provide his friends and family with food that has been fried.

The portable fryer and grills have the complete ability to fold away and become truly as small as a folding chair. So when you are planning a picnic or a tailgate event, a portable fryer and grill would be a perfect opportunity to display how simple and convenient the grill that boasts a fryer that is portable. The grilling and portable fryer aspect allows you to cook meat and any other piece of food quickly and conveiently.

The ability to give the option to those whom you are cooking for is one that cannot be overlooked. There is something great about being able to provide wonderful food for those people that you love. Awesome grill makers have now create a new item capable of grilling and frying with one device.

Here are a few tips about how to fry:

-Frying at the proper temperature is key: Ideal temperature should be between 365 and 375 degrees.

-Make sure you use the correct oil: If you use the right oil, re-using it should not be an option, if you are using one with a high smoke point, this means that it will not burn off fast. Grape-seed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and avocado oil all would work well.

-Use the right food: Anything that can be cooked quickly can be fried, tender meat; most fish, veggies, fruits, breads, pastry dough's, and any batter-dipped foods can be fried.

-A deep-fryer thermometer: This is very much necessary and essential if you are looking to get a good gauge on how hot your food is getting.

The true goal here is to get you to utilize the great asset of having a fryer in the center of your barbeque. When you can utilize the true greatness of a grill and fryer combo you will be extremely pleased, as will those around you that you have mastered the art of the grill fryer that you have been fortunate enough to incorporate into the grill that was made for all types of situations.

John Lombardi is the marketing associate for Blacktop 360 the makers of the ultimate tailgating and frying grill

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