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Get That Stunningly Kitchen Design You Deserve

Why, oh why can't your kitchen look like those featured in home décor and good living magazines? Sure, you need function more than you do form, but that doesn't mean that you have to have a Frankenstein of a kitchen with mismatched elements and unnecessary -- and possibly hazardous -- protrusions. In fact, you can get more function out of a well thought out and properly conceptualised kitchen. And, believe it or not, doing all that prepping and cooking will become more pleasant when done in a more attractive environment. With the ridiculously luxurious atmosphere in your city, you'll definitely feel better with a stylish setup.

What can you do, then, to improve your kitchen? For starters, streamline your big appliances and furniture. Make sure that nothing blocks foot traffic, that any bulk is out of the way, and that edges are seamlessly aligned.

Use storage spaces wisely. Conceal anything that presents an eye sore. De-clutter when you can. If there is something that you need to get rid of (if you have ten other versions of the same, if you haven't used it in the last five years, if it's broken, if it's tacky, etc.), then sell it, give it away, or bring it to the recycling centre.

Create work stations that make sense. These spots should have the things you use most often for their particular purpose within easy reach. Tea and coffee articles should be by the bar or breakfast nook; condiments and cooking implements should be by the range, etc.

Cook up the right ambiance. Let your kitchen reflect your personal taste. Whether you like classic, retro, modern, whimsical… let your kitchen be attractively so. Stick to that aesthetic, so remove or store out of sight anything that leaves a jarring note to your well-appointed space.

Some of the other elements that a kitchen is sure to benefit from are: natural lighting, so make sure that you allow plenty of sunlight streaming in your windows; shiny stainless steel, as it's the consummate neutral and its twinkle leaves you feeling pleased; a focal piece - that one hook that draws your eyes and charms you; and a well-stocked pantry, because at the end of the day, it all boils down to food.

You're surrounded by the rich and beautiful. Emirs, sultans, sheiks, world leaders, fat cat corporation CEOs, movie stars, celebrity athletes… they're all milling in your vicinity. The chances of one straying into your home are, well, probably pretty small, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a kitchen you can be proud of. More for you than anyone else, have a food preparation space that is superior both in form and function.

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