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Fashionable Kitchen Area Design, Styles And Replacement Kitchen Doors

A cooking area can make or break your property, specially when you're trying to sell! These days everyone is painting, tiling and choosing replacement kitchen doors to bring their cooking places up-to-date.

The Most desireable Kitchen Trends for 2013

Conservative kitchens have become popular for 2013 with smooth, square cabinet doors, extra-long work surfaces and exposed shelves all being the trend. The maximisation of space is prevelent in contemporary kitchen design, the incorporation of appliances within cabinetry creates a contemporary, minimal and appealing look.


Glass is the must have material for splashbacks in 2013. Modern glass splashbacks come in a huge variety of colours and finishes so you can find the perfect hue or pattern to compliment your décor. Many people contemplating an eco look home can use the polished wood splashbacks to bring the natural look to the kitchen.

Pattern and print has moved from kitchen blinds onto cupboards, tiles and splashbacks. More complicated design measures are now being used to achieve a more fluid organic feel to your modern kitchen. Including pattern in your kitchen is a great way to warm up a minimalist colour scheme.

Work Surfaces

Polished material worktops are presently set up in the quintessential high end of kitchen areas this year but you are able to obtain the exact same look for a tiny fraction of the price point with polymer or reconstituted stone workbenches. Rock works perfectly with natural, clean colour schemes


This years must-have essentials include:

Large geometric metallic cupboard handles

Hidden recess cupboards with no handles

Brightly coloured or patterned appliances like kettles and toasters

Therefore if you're going to get started on a kitchen area renovation try one of the top trends of 2013 to warrant your new kitchen keeps up with the most current fashions while still looking magnificent in many years to come.

Kitchen door workshop are one of the country's leading suppliers in replacement kitchen doors, with great prices and offers make sure you dont miss out.

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