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Expensive Errors in Home Painting Projects

Putting paint on a wall in your house is the last step in a long and arduous process, not the first. Preparation is the key to avoiding disasters that lurk at every turn. Keep an open mind about the possible option of hiring painting contractors. Investigate what you must do to prepare your room for a paint job, and make a decision based on facts.

Selecting a Color - A tested way to find a color that you can live with is to put a sample on a wall. The guys and gals who work in the paint department at your home improvement are very knowledgeable on color selection, and they can provide plenty of free advice. As your first step in avoiding a painting disaster, ask them to answer these questions:

• How do gloss, semi-gloss and flat paint differ? • What kinds of brushes and rollers are the best to use? • What tools do I need to do the job?

Preparing to Paint a Room - The list of equipment and supplies that you need for an interior painting job includes more than you may realize. You need these basic supplies to get started and to avoid making a big mistake:

• You need enough drop cloths to cover all of your furniture and your carpet. You may think that you can exercise enough care to avoid dropping paint on your new sofa, but it is not likely that you can. One drop of white paint on a brown sofa is a disaster.

• You can rent a halogen light on a stand to illuminate a wall. Unless you are changing the color significantly, you are not able to see where you have placed the wet paint. Patching places that you missed always looks like a patch, a disaster in the making.

• Get a good scrub brush and a strong cleaner than can cut grease, smoke and other impurities on your walls. Paint does not adhere to surfaces that are not cleaned and primed. Remember to get a primer that you can use as a first coat. Of course, that means that you must paint the same area twice, and painting requires a great deal of patience.

• To avoid the disaster of getting paint on your windows, sills, door facings and other features that are not part of a flat wall, you need a variety of tapes, tools, edgers and cloths.

You may want to experiment with one of the high-tech power sprayers that let you apply more paint faster than you can with rollers, but you increase your chances of disaster unless you know how to use them.

Hiring painting contractors does cost you more than doing the job yourself if you count only the final step of putting paint on a wall. If you consider the amount of prep work that is required, the possibility of damaging your furniture, kicking over a bucket of paint or stepping in a tray that you just filled, the price difference is more than worth it.

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