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Dyslexia Can Be Empowering!

Dyslexia does not vanish gradually, nevertheless, if you are influenced by dyslexia there is no reason to fail in life, in truth you should prosper ever more.

Individuals with dyslexia can find ways to deal with the condition, to look for solutions to language obstacles. Humans are social beings, first and foremost, so if language capability is affected, social life suffers. A dyslexic person will attempt to conquer obstacles to interaction, and often this brings about more imaginative strategies towards dealing with life problems generally.

Research shows that music education can benefit young dyslexics as it helps them to concentrate on auditory and motor timing skills and highlights the rhythms of language.

Dyslexic individuals do not 'see' words backwards, they see words and letters in the same method that a non-dyslexic person sees them. The "b-d" reversal is down to problems equating, left and right. Co-ordination might be obstructed in many cases.

The reality is, dyslexic people commonly have high i. q's, with outstanding conceptualisation capacities. Reasoning, abstraction, and imagination are crucial strengths.


Dyslexia - Facts & Figures

20 % of kids in UK & USA leave school not able to read appropriately.

10 % of kids (3/4 million in the UK; 3 1/2 million in the USA) of all social groups have dyslexia.

75 % of convicted criminals are illiterate-- 10 million individuals in Britain can benefit from our work!

Dyslexia is the most typical source of youth loss of self-confidence. It can lead to misery, depression as well as suicide. In some cases the aggravation causes criminal damage, physical violence and criminal behavior. Dyslexia accounts for a majority of school kids with unique educational demands and is without a doubt the commonest source of impairment amongst University undergraduates

Yet dyslexics are frequently extremely talented in everything other than reading and spelling; if they survive their education, many become successful in the arts, commerce or engineering. As a result, the DRT is additionally committed to finding the positive aspects of dyslexia.

If you have this language problem, see it as a core part of your uniqueness, of your character, vive le difference !! If you happen to be dyslexic, you are in good company! Goldberg, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Matthew Schneps (Astrophysicist), are all dyslexic.

There is a brand-new writing tool being tested for dyslexic writers. It's called "Dyslexie Type Font" and it enables dyslexic writers to write without the aggravations of word confusion.

The type font induces the dyslexic eye by its thick-bottom character fonts. Then it signals the brain to overcome the staggering haunt of dyslexia.

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