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Do You Have Anxiety Symptoms

Having symptoms from an anxiety attack can be a frightful experience. If you are wondering if you are having an anxiety attack, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. Here are a few of the symptoms to look out for.

Lets take a look at a situation in which a women who works with the elderly, only compounding the situation, and see what her symptoms are when an attack is coming on.

When an attack starts she first will experience symptoms of warmth or becoming flushed. After this she will start to perspire and shake mildly. There is a feeling of overwhelming emotions and impending doom. This is a very fearful experience.

To have an attack come upon you is a very frightful experience. They are all consuming and little else can be done until they pass. The feelings of gloom and doom are very intense.

She feels that these feelings of panic come in waves and they build upon each other. This is very frightening because her heart starts beating faster and faster and she believes she might have a heart attack. When all of this is happening, getting control is nearly impossible.

When the attack has gone on for a few minutes, the symptoms begin to subside and fade into the back ground. She then begins to feel a bit more normal again or as close to normal as she can get.

Everyone with panic disorder will have their own experience that is unique to them. However, these symptoms will always make it difficult to function normally on a regular basis.

If you have symptoms of panic disorder, talk to your doctor to find ways of coping. The symptoms are scary but for the most part, are not harmful. Learning how to deal with them will give you one less thing to worry about.

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