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Decorate Those Plantation Shutters For Your Child's Room

Some people think they're too country or too retro, but many still love the unique beauty of plantation shutters. These window treatments are actually some of the most durable ones available out there, and if they're well-taken care of and maintained, they can last your home until you're gone from this world. If you wish to create a new look for your plantation shutters to go with the new design concept you have for your children's rooms, you will find that there are numerous ways you can give these window treatments a style overhaul. All you would need are paint, wood shapes, strong craft glue, wooden knobs for handles and maybe a screwdriver if you want to better secure the additional elements.

In transforming the look of your shutters, just think of them as your blank canvas for adding cute wood pieces that your children will surely be attracted to.

If you don't want to alter the natural brown hue of your shutters, you can create a nicer finish for them by spraying acrylic varnish, which will give the wood a nice gloss. The earthy appeal can be complemented with wood pieces in the shape of common nature elements like leaves, acorn or pine cones that you can glue onto the slats. This design will work exceptionally well if you want to highlight the fall season. Tip: When placing shapes close to the centre slats, make sure that they do not interfere with the opening and closing of the shutters.

For a bright colour scheme that's reminiscent of a nice summer night, such as bright blue, lime green, magenta, deep purple, orange, white, yellow and even black (for outlining), ideal wood shapes would be different sizes of stars, the moon, and even planets. Be sure to paint the wooden knobs as well so they'll stand out, or if you want, you can try painting a small star figure on it which would definitely be more appealing to the kids.

Now for a pastel colour scheme, create whimsy shutters with soft blue, soft lime green, lavender, cream, baby chick yellow and coral. Not only will this remind the children of a spring garden, but these hues are considered the most comforting colours for children as well. Wooden figures to glue can be in the shape of flowers, bugs, and butterflies. These playful shutters allow streaks of sunshine in while keeping out the glaring rays. Tip: Add a flower to the bottom end of the "wand" that opens and closes the slats.

Old fashioned wooden shutters can last for a very long time with the proper care and maintenance and you can even decorate them if you will be installing them in your child's room. Just be sure that you know how to properly care for these shutters so that they will always look good. Learn more about shutters and blinds by going to

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