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Combination Vending Machines

Combining two vending machines into one unit offers many advantages to the vending operator and the client, including space saving and reduced servicing costs.

The first commercial coin-operated vending machine was introduced in London in the 1880s. It did not vend beverages or food items - instead customers received a postcard for their penny. We had to wait till after the Second World War before drinks and snack items became available from a vending machine.

Vending equipment has certainly come long way since then and currently machines come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Most things can now be found dispensed from vending machines, from maggots to hair nets. Of course the most useful and profitable items sold continue to be drinks and snacks.

As a Vending Machine Operator, choosing the right machine to install depends very much on location, cost, business model, and personal preferences. One of the most useful types of machine to have become available in recent years is the combination machine. Combo machines are basically "2 in 1" machines, that vend both hot and cold drinks plus different types of snacks. They offer the most efficient use of space, whilst also giving customers more choice options than traditional drinks only vending machine.

Naturally the success of vending operating business depends very much on selecting the right machine for the right location, and the combo opens far more business opportunities.

Small and medium offices are particulaly suited to a combo machine as it offers a reasonable choice for minimal floor space.

Combination vending machines work for large businesses, too! Siting combos in a large commercial enterprise or factory makes sound sense and the servicing costs of running a multiple machine site are obviously massively reduced. Machines can be placed in areas where it would be impossible to site a separate drinks and snack machine.

Leisure sites such as gymnasiums, swimming pools and leisure centres are also ideal sites for the combo. Schools, colleges and universities are also perfect places for installing the combination drinks and snack machine.

In order to run a profitable vending operating business, all vending machines need to be placed and sited with great care and attention, as sales of product can be greatly affected by the ease of access to the equipment.

It is quicker to restock and empty cash from a single combo machine than two separate machines - thus again making a big saving in servicing costs for the vending operator.

In conclusion, if you want to maximise profits, ensure you include combo's in your machine portfolio.

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