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Build A Bear Party Tips

A make a bear party is among the finest ways to celebrate a kid's birthday. Its not just an one-of-a-kind party idea that everyone will always remember, it's also a fantastic low cost substitute to regular little ones parties.

Buy Your Teddy on the internet

Once you order your teddy it will be delivered straight to your door along with any other extras you've bought like clothes or add-ons. In your personal time you can look through the selection of bear skins and decide if each kid ought to get the same teddy bear or have a selection to select from. Remember even if it may seem like a good idea to have a choice of bears for the babies to choose from, it could cause needless arguments when the kids all want what they don't have.

Make a teddy bear babies party in your home

By holding your kids's birthday party in your home you don't need to stress about finding a venue large enough or somewhere that people will be at ease enough in. The comfort of your personal home is a great idea as it removes a great deal of strain that always comes with preparing a babies party.

Making the bears

Building the bears is the most exciting part of the day so leave the babies to it and let the adults chill out while the little ones have fun making their bear. It's better to have time to spare than half-finished teddies dotted around the house as you can consistently just let the kids enjoy their toys for a bit longer before moving onto the food.

Make a teddy bear's picnic

Kids parties are usually filled with junk food and sweet items. If you wish to take the teddy bear party a little further and save your kids from eating junk all day, you can organise a teddy bear picnic with healthy food. Is the weather allows it why not have the party outside in the garden. If you make sure there are plenty of cushions and blankets available to keep individuals warm. The food can be simple finger food like mini sausage rolls, sandwhiches and cocktail sausages. Buffet style food consistently works well.

Play games at your make a bear party

As the kids are outside, take advantage of the fresh air and space by playing a few games. Musical chairs or musical bumps is consistently entertaining to play or you an old favorite of pass the parcel with the parcel a wrapped teddy bear outfit.

You don't need party bags

Party bags are a problem for adults as they often can be expensive to fill for each kid. Not only do you have to always remember the cake, but there are also crayons, toys, sweets, balloons and all sorts of other bits and bobs that no one will always remember after a few days.

With a build a bear party who needs a party bag when every kid will have a new furry pal to take home with them. Now that is much better than a cheap bouncy ball.

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Bouncy castles and soft play is the past and teddy bear parties are the new craze.

Head over to to see our teddy bear celebration movie and how much fun a create a bear party can be.

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