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Bright Clear Spring Seasonal Color Analysis

Are you a clear spring?

Treat yourself to a personal seasonal color analysis and discover what colors look best on you.

If you're reading this article, then you've probably figured out that you're a spring... and maybe in the clear spring seasonal color palette? Well let's find out!

Clear Spring = Clear coloring and Warm undertones

You are a clear spring if:

Your dominant characteristic is CLEAR

You have clear eyes: Turquoise blue, green, topaz (brownish)

You have warm skin: Bronze, deep warm brown, brown-black, light ivory, light peach, porcelain

You have light hair: Natural hair color commonly starts out blonde but may darken over time. Medium to dark golden brown, or even black-brown. Or a very bright, golden and deep blonde hair

You must have all the of the characteristics above to be a Clear Spring. You have a clear coloring so you can not have warm or muddy eyes. Clear and bright should come to mind when looking at your coloring... and that's exactly the colors you will look best in.

Wearing your colors in your seasonal color palette won't be enough to look your absolute best. You also need to make sure the color combinations are of high contrast. Try pairing very dark or light neutrals, such as brown-black or camel, with hues such as bright green or plum.

Your Best Colors To Wear

Clear Red, Hot Turquoise, Black, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Mint, Coral, Periwinkle, Violet, Bright Teal Blue, Bright Warm Green, Bright Yellow, Yellow Green, Navy, Off White

Your Secondary Colors To Wear

True Red, Blue Red, Hot Turquoise, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Black - worn away from the face, not a turtleneck

Your Best Neutrals

Brown-black, Black, Camel

Avoid These Colors

Dusty Blues, Muddy Browns, Tans and Beiges

Avoid dark, dusty and pale colors... these will make you look dull and lifeless. Aim for bright and clear colors. Your color palette is high contrast and full saturation.

Celebrities with the Clear Spring Color Palette

Heather Graham, Emilie de Ravin, Brittany Snow

Clear Spring Outfit Ideas

Casual outfit idea: Try wearing a bright lime green t-shirt with black jeans. Complete the outfit with a fun yellow and green polka dot scarf and black boots.

Work outfit idea: You look great in bright tourquoise. Wear a tourquoise silk blouse with a black pencil skirt. Simple black pumps would be classy. Gold jewelry would look pretty... and perhaps a thin belt in a fun bright color.

Sassy spring outfit idea: Your bright color palette literally speaks flowers. If you love spring, find a dress in bright pink floral with lime green accents. Go crazy with lime green espadrilles and a funky statement necklace that pulls those bright colors together.

Avoid muted colors and monochramtic looks. You want color that pops. So, if you end up in neutrals... cream top with light pants... dig around for bright color. Bring it in the form of jewelry... a scarf... shoes... you look best when your outfits are full of contrast.

Jen Thoden is a fashion blogger. She is a Light Spring in the seasonal color palette. Visit her blog to learn more about seasonal color palettes and how you can learn to create your perfect wardrobe. You'll discover outfit ideas, color theory, decorating ideas and more!

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