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Brick Vs Weatherboards

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Gone are the days when there was a constant need for weatherboard home renovation- touch-ups, fresh coat of paint, etc. I remember my dad spending many a weekend trying to resurrect our fading walls to their original glory. It is no longer the case; now the weatherboards are pre-fabricated, sturdy and very durable. But still many people are of the view that weatherboards need a lot of maintenance by way of painting and repairs.

The boards these days are termite and fire resistant and do not shrink or swell like wood. They are best for external cladding for houses, as come rain or sunshine these boards are just immune to all this. Just a good old coat of paint would make it look as good as new.

It is a total misnomer that brick houses are much better insulated than weatherboards. But due to being very well insulated, weatherboard homes have lower power consumption which would not burn a hole in your pocket. One should check thoroughly that the quality of the cladding materials is good. If a fire were to break out then it would destroy both kind of houses. Weatherboard houses are much cheaper than brick houses; they are also sound proof to a great extent. There are other options for external claddings for example cement sheeting, vinyl, aluminum, fiber, etc. which are now much more lightweight.

It is good to weigh the pros and cons of both before deciding whether bricks or weatherboard are better as each have different features. There is a lot of variation in the construction design as well. Brick houses have a flat foundation while weatherboard homes are built on sturdy pillars. See that the roof has an insulation blanket and filling all the cracks in the boards would assure you of good padding.

Brick houses take a long time to build while boards can be set up much faster. The design options for the outer cladding are much more compared to bricks. Many even go for a blend of the two; bricks for walls or cladding for roofs. Fixing damages to brick walls is going to be much more costly than replacing any worn out boards. In areas where there is too much rainfall and ground movement, brink houses are more likely to be damaged.

The cost of laying a brick house is much more expensive when compared to a weatherboard house. Brick houses do give a feel of solid, secure homes but boards are extremely safe too. Brick walls need a skilled labor to lay them but boards are much easier to install and some come with DIY manuals. If you are looking for a brick look for your home and want something much more affordable, then go for a brick veneer which sits well on weatherboards.

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