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Anti-Burglary Tips From A 24 Hour Locksmith

Our world is at large when it comes to break-in crimes and robberies have become rampant today; and as a result, there are a lot of residential and commercial establishment owners who are taking up extra measures in order to protect themselves from this alarming trend. Here are a couple of handy tips from a 24 hour locksmith on how we can keep these unwanted intruders from breaking into our properties.

1. Do not let people know that you are away. One of the very first thing robbers would do is to determine whether a particular house is empty or not before they start making a move. An empty house has always been their favorite target; and because of this, it is going to be wise to give these intruders the false impression that everyone is away. One of the best things to trick these people is to leave one of the lights on when you live your house during the night.

2. Adopt a pet, preferably a dog. We are all aware that these animals, most especially the Alpha-dogs, tend to be very protective when it comes to their territory. In addition to this, there senses are sensitive when it comes to detecting trouble. If ever they sense a stranger entering their territorial range, they would automatically become extra cautious and alert. In addition to this, the moment your dog barks, the other dogs in the neighborhood would also bark, thus alarming your neighbors that something off could be happening.

3. Install intricate locking devices; or better yet, start investing in high-end security systems. Mounting heavy-duty locks and bolts can be one effective ways in keeping burglars from getting in the premises of your home. On the other hand, a lot of these groups of robbers are experienced when it comes to unlocking these devices. As a result, it is still going to be best to invest in more complicated and electronically advanced systems. Here is a short list of gadgets and equipment that are helpful in tracking and stopping these bad people.

a. Motion Sensitive Lights- This is best installed in the outside of the residential and commercial buildings. This is because it avoids intruders from walking and snooping around your dark yards during night time.

b. Burglar Alarms- As its name suggests, this is an alarm that would ring noise if every there are intruders who have entered your premises. This is highly beneficial since a lot of burglars would attack when their victims are already asleep.

c. CCTV- This security device is no longer exclusive for large buildings and establishments. Having one of these in your home is going to be very advantageous since it record a copy things that are happening around your house. Should there be a break-in, you will be able to easily determine the suspect because the crime was captured on cam. To install these in your homes, it is going to be best to ask help form professional locksmiths in order to properly secure them.

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  1. I agree that if you do not want people pick you lock then you should get a dog. If you train your dog to bark at people then it will be an alarm for you if someone is trying to break into your house. Thanks for the post. I will get a dog.


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