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Adolescent Hair Loss

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While a lot of people will not experience a trouble with hair loss until they are older, did you know that it is feasible to start to lose hair as very early as your teens?

This kind of hair loss can be ravaging to the confidence of a young adult. At a time in their lives when they are developing their sense of themselves, hair loss could disrupt their positive self-image, and leave them feeling both unattractive and alone.

If you are the moms and dad of a young adult who is experiencing baldness, what can you do?

1. Be sure to take your teenager to your family physician. Have them examined for any of the typical medical conditions that can help in hair loss, from iron deficiency to hormonal problems. Many of the issues that contribute to baldness in teenagers-- like iron insufficiency from a bad diet or anxiety from a wide array of causes-- can be dealt with and dealt with. When the underlying source of the hair loss is recognized, strategies can be put in place to ensure that your teen is healthy which hair growth is reestablished. For things like iron insufficiency, it can be as simple as a good iron supplement that returns iron in their body to a healthy level. Fixing concerns with tension can be more complicated-- however dealing with tension levels can also stop baldness and hair may then simply grow back.

2. If baldness is temporary, it may be possible to have a temporary solution to the baldness. There are lots of options that can be considered at this point, which can help a teen to feel confident. A hair loss specialist could assist in this procedure of selecting the right technique for your teen. Finding a technique that supports healthy hair growth can be ideal at this point-- consisting of laser hair treatments, which stimulate the scalp and aid hair to grow, so that the problem baldness is reversed as quickly as feasible.

3. If baldness is long-lasting for your teen, it will normally be the result of a significant medical condition or of scarring of some kind. Scarring will way that a surgical hair transplant is not typically possible. With scarring, healthy follicles are gone, and as a result, hair follicles could not be transferred into the area. Nevertheless, there are non-surgical strategies, which could offer the best option! Discovering the right approach for your teen will be a present to them and their confidence.

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