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A Wine Lover's Near Weekly Guide To $15 Wine - A Red Bordeaux Blend From Israel

I have done several reviews of Dalton winery offerings. In fact, if I remember correctly I did one only last week. The winery is located in an industrial park in the Upper Galilee. Dalton owns several vineyards, all located within minutes of the winery so the grapes don't have far to travel during the midday sun. So here's a quick question - what about shipping them at night? Their web site is really quite informative. Read below to find the grape varieties used in this blend. The companion wine is an Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon costing about two-thirds the price.

OUR WINE REVIEW POLICY All wines that we taste and review have been purchased at the full retail price.

Wine Reviewed Dalton Canaan Red Kosher 2011 14 % alcohol about $15.

In the absence of marketing materials we'll start by quoting the side label. "Red Canaan, a blend of several varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Syrah, is a medium bodied red wine bursting with flavours of forest fruit, berries and hints of vanilla and cloves. Canaan is an easy drinking wine and can be enjoyed with most types of food. Recommended serving temperature 16-18 degrees C (61-64 degrees F)." And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was long and well balanced. When paired with slow-cooked round steak offered great length. I got black cherries but it was a bit too sweet. Chickpeas brought out round plums in the blend. The accompanying potatoes provided the libation with round plums. When I doused lots of Chinese hot sauce on the meat the drink thinned but was still semi-powerful. Fresh pineapple removed almost all the acidity in my glass, replaced by some metal.

The next meal began with Cuban style coated peanuts. In response our Israeli friend was mouth filling and displayed some plums and oak. The piece de resistance was a rather tasteless boxed Stuffed Manicotti which included Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese in a tomato sauce that I augmented with lots of grated Parmesan cheese. This marriage proved to be rather successful as Red became round, long, and somewhat metallic. Fresh blackberries weakened the wine, which did remain long. A Ferrero Rond Noir chocolate muted the drink with the exception of its pleasant acidity.

My final meal centered on homemade sauteed chicken breast nicely spiced with cumin, coriander, chilies, garlic powder, and probably more. This tasty dish rendered the Canaan multilayered. It was oaky with dark fruit. Quinoa muted the liquid somewhat. A melange of sauteed red and orange peppers continued the muting process.

Final verdict. I had to pay nearly $18 and frankly that was too much. But if you want a Kosher wine at $15 you certainly could do worse.

Levi Reiss is a real wine lover. Every week he tastes the same meals with two wines, one under the magic figure of $10 and one that is more expensive, sometimes much more expensive. Why waste your hard-earned money but trying to unearth the occasional bargain? His global wine website carries these weekly reviews and a whole lot more from wine trivia to wine humor.

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