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3 Causes Of Lower Back Pain You Should Be Aware Of

These days it's very common for people to visit a doctor or alternative health provider because they are suffering from lower back pain. Often that pain is so severe, it makes it difficult or even impossible for us to enjoy our daily lives. With up to nine out of ten adults destined to experience some form of back pain during their lives, it's obvious that this is becoming a very big problem.

Even simple tasks like bending over to tie shoelaces or standing in a bank queue can be unthinkable if you are suffering with lower back pain. And since the best way to fix virtually anything is to prevent it from happening at all, in this article you'll learn how you might avoid back pain completely, so it's never going to be a problem for you. Here are three of the most common causes for lower back pain, and what you need to know to avoid it.

Cause #1 - Not Having Good Posture

The most common cause of lower back pain is due to the way we sit and how often we do it. For most people, especially those who work in an office environment, our daily lives require us to sit a lot of the time. You will most likely be sitting for many hours each day whenever you are traveling, working at home or in an office, or watching television.

If you slouch with your head tilted forward and your legs crossed when you are sitting, it's very likely you will develop lower back or neck pain at some stage of your life. To stop this happening, always try to sit up straight with your feet planted firmly on the floor. If you check your posture every hour or so, and become conscious of how you are sitting, it won't take long until you posture improves naturally.

Cause #2 - Not Enough Exercise

While not getting enough exercise isn't a direct cause of back pain, if your back muscles tend to be strong there's going to be less likelihood of you suffering from a sore back in the future. If you engage in regular exercise, it will help to strengthen the muscles in your back, which will help to support your spine more effectively.

Even for those who exercise regularly, if you neglect your back muscles, you are going to have a much higher probability of developing back pain in the future. You get what's called a muscle imbalance, and this occurs in people when their workouts focus on building up the muscles at the front of their body, while ignoring the muscles in their back.

Cause #3 - Suffering From Degenerative Disc Disease

Unlike the first two causes of lower back pain, this is not one you can prevent. Degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs in the spine lose their strength and become unable to absorb impact. Eventually the discs will cause the spine to become stiff, making it a difficult task to move around. There are many stages of this disease so it would be a good idea to get your back checked out by a doctor who specializes in the spine.

Knowing these 3 causes of lower back pain can help you avoid suffering from it in the future. If you suffer from degenerative disc disease, please make sure you consult with an expert so they can develop a treatment plan that has the best chance of being right for you.

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