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Why Homeowners Should Use Portable Storage Containers To Deal With Clutter

The self-storage industry has been growing steadily for many years. There are now more than 3,000 individual facilities located across the country. The traditional model of leasing a space in a static location is being challenged by a new concept. Mobile containers are storage units that are driven to a home, loaded by the homeowners and then stored off-site in a facility. The company that owns the container moves it from one location to another as needed. This has made is easy for homeowners to remove clutter and out of season items from inside of a house or garage. Using portable storage containers has a number of benefits over traditional self-storage.

Minimal Effort: A portable container is much easier to load and unload than nearly any other storage solution outside of the home. The containers sit at ground level. This makes it unnecessary to use ramps, lifts or other devices that are commonly employed when loading a truck. The containers are also delivered directly to the home. This removes the need to drive items to a set storage location. The fact that the container is placed just a few steps from the front door of the house means homeowners do not have to move large items down the twisting hallways or paths that exist in most self-storage facilities. These factors lower the amount of effort that is required to get any amount of clutter out of the home.

Flexibility: Portable storage containers are much more flexible than using a self-storage locker for a number of reasons. The portable units come in a range of different sizes from small cubes to full-length cargo containers. Many units have hooks or loops on the wall that allow homeowners to secure items with cords or belts so that they remain safe while the container is moving. Each container is placed in front of the home for as long as needed. This makes it possible to load the container over the course of a few days to more than a week. Flexible loading times reduce the chance that items will be damaged when placed in the unit.

Security: Portable storage containers come with a locking mechanism on the outside of the door that will accept a personal lock from the homeowner. This means that only the person leasing the container will have access to the inside of the unit. Additionally, each container is stored in a secure location with hundreds of other units. This is very different from self-storage facilities where a large number of people beyond the staff have access to the areas where lockers are located. Portable containers are very secure and can be used to store valuable items outside of the home.

Access: Portable containers provide access to the contents in an easy and stress-free way. Homeowners will not need to drive to a distant self-storage facility to retrieve items. The storage company that manages the container will bring the unit back to the home when it is needed. This is very convenient in some areas because the distance to the storage location might be prohibitive for homeowners who cannot drive for long periods of time. Another important benefit is that the containers can be delivered to any location making it easy to maintain a single storage unit over the course of many years even after moving to a new home.

Blake Hall is a business writer who travels citites to cities to conduct research and studies. He highly recommends the expert Wiinnipeg movers at PODS Moving and Storage to help him relocate his belongings safely and securely.

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