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What Gluten Free Means For Me

Have you been diagnosed with a gluten allergy? What does that mean for you? How will your lifestyle change? Can you still eat out? Are you stuck always cooking for yourself? Will your food taste bland or will it still be tasty? Will a gluten free diet help you lose weight? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

First, what is a gluten allergy and who suffers from this? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley which can affect the immune system and cause headaches, joint pain and even fatigue. It can make you feel lousy. Research shows that about two million people suffer from a gluten allergy, so you are not alone.

Now, will your lifestyle need to change? The answer is both yes and no. You will need to give up eating all foods made with gluten. However, there is always a substitute product that matches the old products you were used to eating. For example, you can still make pasta dishes but using pasta made from rice flour instead of wheat. You can even but already prepared pasta meals that are gluten free. There are many delicious deserts you can buy or make for yourself online if you do a little research. Can you still eat out? Of course. Search online for a free restaurant guide to gluten free living. There are many restaurants that now have a separate gluten free menu. Also, always make sure to tell the server you have a wheat allergy and no bread can touch your plate.

Is going gluten free going to make you lose weight? Going gluten free alone will not change your weight. A gluten free diet along with increased exercise might help you lose weight. It will, however, help your body from bloating which may make you feel skinnier. You will experience less cramping and digestion problems causing your body to feel much better.

So, how about the taste of a gluten free diet? Is it bland? Does it have any flavor? While gluten free products are wheat free, you can still make them taste delicious. There are many sauces and spices that will "beef up" your entrée and you will never know the difference. You can still have chocolate chip pancakes, cereal, pasta and even bread free of gluten.

Finding out you have a gluten allergy will change your eating habits but does not need to change your life. If you have a gluten allergy, take the step and go gluten free and let your body feel free again.

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