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What Exercises You Can Do to Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain can originate from a variety of different problems. Car crashes, incorrect lifting techniques, and other problems can cause back pain. Because back pain is so difficult, patients need to know of exercises that alleviate back pain. Rehabilitation services can provide some relief, but there are other exercises that can be performed at home. First, let's learn how tight muscles can affect the back before exploring tips on exercise.

How Tight Muscles Affect the Back

Tight chest muscles may cause the upper back to weaken. This may create tension in the lumbar region. Hip flexors that are tight may make it more difficult to straighten the back to a healthy neutral posture. Exercise can help to alleviate stress on the lower back. When the kinetic chain is balanced, lower back pain is relieved. There are some exercises to help.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise can help to build muscles in the body and help to accelerate recovery. Excessive weight is a leading contributor to excessive weight. Many people find that when you reduce the amount weight on the stomach area, the stress on the back will be reduced. Some recommended aerobic exercises will consist of jogging, running, or walking.

To avoid injury due to unbalanced muscle development, wear proper shoes when running, jumping rope, and jogging. An exercise bicycle, stair stepper, or elliptical trainer is also recommended. These are just a few exercises that people can participate in to strengthen the back. When people eat a low-fat diet, it will be easier to lose weight and relieve back pain.

Strengthening Exercise

Strengthening exercises can focus on the back and leg muscles. These exercises will also strengthen the stomach, which will strengthen the back. Core and balance exercises will help the spine remain in a neutral position. Pilates and stability balls can help with balance exercises. For instance, try placing the lower back and buttocks on the ball and performing sit-ups. This will build lower back and stomach muscles.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises can also help to build back muscles. The myofascial release exercise is a type of deep muscle exercise. The roller can be used on the lower lumbar region to work out the muscles. Experts suggest speaking with a doctor first to ensure you are performing the exercise properly. The exercise will provide temporary discomfort, but over time the discomfort will subside and will provide relief.

Exercises That May Aggravate Back Pain

Be aware that some exercises can exacerbate back pain. Avoid these exercises if at all possible. Here is a list of those exercises:

• Bent leg sit-ups • Partial sit-ups • Straight leg sit-ups • Lifting both legs or leg lifts while on your back • Stand and do toe touches

Exercises Can Help Back Pain

Exercises are designed to alleviate back pain. Try a couple and determine how they make a difference in your life. Your back should feel much better. Contact several rehabilitation services to determine which is best for you. When you select one, make sure they are reputable and qualified to guide you in these types of services.

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