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Types of Grasses For Your Lawn

The type of grass homeowners grow for their lawns depends on the climate, the type of soil and the amount of sunlight the lawn will get. Fortunately, there are many types of grass to choose from that will make for a lush, healthy lawn, no matter where the homeowner lives. Cool-season grasses, for example, can thrive in places where the winters are somewhat wet, snowy and cold and where the summers are dry and hot. Warm season grasses do well where the winters are mild and the summers are hot whether or not they're dry or humid. Here are some types of grasses:

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky blue grass is prized for its green blue color and for its cold hardiness. It doesn't require much pampering, thrives in full sun but can tolerate a bit of shade and needs well drained soil. Kentucky blue grass needs to be watered frequently and regularly fertilized. There are over 200 types of Kentucky Bluegrass. It's the most popular grass for lawns.

Zoysia Grass

If a homeowner wants a grass that's just about indestructible and needs very little care, zoysia grass is the grass to choose. Zoysia is a warm-season grass that seems to welcome heat and even drought but can also grow well in partial shade and cool temperatures. Zoysia is notorious for being aggressive and will not allow weeds to grow where it grows. The texture can be fine or coarse, and some people find the grass prickly underfoot. Though it grows slowly and takes a while to establish itself in a lawn, once it is established it's tenacious.

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that also doesn't need that much upkeep. Because it tolerates traffic well, it's good for properties where the homeowner uses his or her lawn to play or entertain. Tall fescue can grow in both full sun or shade and needs regular watering, though it's tolerant of drought. It grows in tall, straight bunches which give it its name and can create a beautiful, thick, long-lasting lawn.


Though many people know wheatgrass as the plant that one can juice for their health, it also makes a good lawn. This is a cool-season grass that has several winter-hardy varieties. Though it doesn't form the dense, emerald green lawn of some other grasses it's very tough and drought tolerant. It also tolerates traffic and doesn't need frequent watering nor as much fertilizer as other lawns. It's used mostly as a lawn in places that experience very cold winters, like the Dakotas and central Canada.

Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is a member of the paspalum family, a family that also contains a rather noxious weed. Bahia grass is a coarse, hardy, all-purpose, warm-season grass. Once it's established it becomes aggressive and can even grow in poor soil. It doesn't need too much maintenance but can be challenging to mow because of its tough stems. Bahia grass is also more disease and insect resistant than other warm-season grasses.

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