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Top Tips To Make Your Man Love You

Have you read lots of advice about how to keep your man happy? Not all of it will be relevant to your situation and will be written by other women. Read on for the tips written by the guys as to whats working.

Guys love space to get on with their own lives. Too often the ladies love their men so much they want to be around them all the time. You've got to appear a little unavailable. No one is attracted to something served on a plate with 24/7 access.

Make the effort to look your best some of the time for your guy. We're not saying go crazy, spend a fortune on designer clothes and make up. Just make some effort now and again. It will make you feel better and your man will love you even more when you are feeling confident in yourself.

Don't fake interest in something. Either be interested in his activities or leave him to them. Faking interest might thrill him in the short-run, but when your lack of genuine interest begins to show himself he will be deeply disappointed and potentially annoyed. Your guy will probably be happy if you're into golf as much as he is, but if you only come to have another three hours with him every week and lie to him about your level of interest, he might instead feel like he's being tricked into giving up some of his alone time, regardless of how pure your intentions are.

Be careful with your language around your man. If you get him a drink make sure you phrase it like this "Would you like me to get you a Coke?" or "Can I get you a Coke?" this way of asking lets the listener know that you are offering to do a favor. You are asking in the most polite and ladylike way rather than making it sound like a chore.

You've got to be honest with your man. If you want him to go to dancing lessons with you, just ask. Most of the time, he may say no. If he does, just appreciate that he isn't interested in dancing. Don't keep going on about it or putting him on guilt trips just because he is different.

Do not use cuddly nicknames when anyone else is in earshot, even strangers. I know he's your "pooky bear" when you're alone in your living room, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned he should be King Richard the Lionhearted, Chuck Norris, St. Paul, Rambo, Rocky, William Wallace, Sir Francis Drake, Vlad the Impaler, Ambassador Spock or "Joltin" Joe DeMaggio, however his taste may fall.

Do things your man enjoys (sexually) and always ask him if he likes what you're doing and if theres another way he would like you to do for them.

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