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Tips For Oily Skin Sufferers

Having greasy skin is not an issue for teens alone. Greasy skin can be a problem for men and women of all ages and show the signs that surplus oil can cause. For most men and women oily skin begins during a persons teenage years when puberty activates changes in a persons hormonal balance. Although oily skin is most associated with teenagers, a ton of people still have greasy skin many years after leaving school.

The increased hormones produced while going through puberty is one of the common reasons specialists believe to be the cause of surplus oil in the skin. Having said that changes in someones hormone levels can happen long after puberty, even in their adult years. Surplus oil can be produced by people under high levels of stress and anxiety and emotional well being also has a part to play. In woman, menstrual cycles can create excess oil development. There's also the hereditary aspect of greasy skin passed down from parents although research suggests greasy skin is more commonly caused by hormonal imbalance and stress levels. Unfortunately some people have skin that creates more oil that others.

Keep in mind that oily skin is quite popular and can be cured with the right skin care regimen. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin especially on the scalp, face, neck, chest and back is an essential component of your skin's health. Oil from the scalp makes hair appear glossy and healthy. Oil from your face helps to keep moisture which is important as your skin is the body part that gets the most exposure to the weather. However producing too much oil is when you can have problems. Having too much oil can trap dirt and bacteria causing your skin to seem greasy and shiny which really isn't healthy.

If you have oily skin, a regular routine of gentle cleaning, moisturising and sun protection are a must. Try to use good quality skin care creams that keep your skin well hydrated while removing dirt and surplus oil. Your skin will look great and be healthy as a result. Adopting a high quality skin care regime will help you to maintain healthy skin while keeping surplus oil under control.

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