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The Machine Goes Green

Is there such a thing as an environmentally friendly vending machine? Most of them look lit up like a Christmas tree and appear to be burning energy faster than the space shuttle.

As the general public becomes more aware of green issues and care of the environment, now is the time to consider greener vending equipment.

How To Make A Vending Machine That Cares For The Environment?

Constructing vending equipment that is more efficient entails some fundamental design changes. The most obvious one is insulation - keeping the boiler well lagged in hot drinks machines and less leakage of chilled air in cold machines. This can be done by using triple pane glass on the front of snack machines to keep the cold in and modern insulating materials on hot drinks water boilers to retain the heat.

Vending machines can also be designed and manufactured using more recycled materials and also energy saving lighting could be utilised more. Nowadays new vending equipment is often fitted with 'power-down' functions that reduce electricity consumption. The equipment powers down to a low energy stand by mode which saves considerable electricity.

The Popularity of Plastic Items?

Sadly plastic is so widespread in everyday life that is finds its way everywhere. Plastic vending cups and plastic bottles are everywhere - Experts say that nearly forty million plastic bottles are put into landfill sites per annum - a shocking statistic. Plastic items will lie around for a thousand years before gradually breaking down - so they will be a problem for many many future generations! Νot only are our landfills packed with plastic items, they are ubiquitous in our oceans and waterways.

A good solution to this problem is to vend drinks into paper cups that are biodegradable. Confectionery packaging should also be biodegradable and not harm the planet. We all need to do our bit to try to eliminating the use of disposable plastics and help keep our environment cleaner and safer for all life on our planet.

With just some of the features mentioned, greener vending machine can be built which can save money and help conserve our world's finite resources. Therr are hundreds of environmentally-friendly ideas just waiting for energetic and pioneering entrepreneurs to turn into workable, energy-efficient businesses. A profitable food and drink dispensing piece of equipment should be part of these ideas.

There now seems to be a trend towards healthy vending from consumers who are choosing snack products containing less salt and fat - this needs to be backed up with action to produce vending machines that are greener and more efficient. Whilst some of these ideas are already being adopted, there is plenty of room for advancement and improvement.

The quality of life in the future is dependent on what we do now.

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