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The Advantages Of Using Mobile Storage Containers When Moving

The storage industry in the country earns close to $2 billion in revenue each year. This is spread over 3,700 different companies and facilities providing a wide range of services for consumers and businesses. An increasing number of homeowners are turning from traditional static facilities to mobile storage containers. These containers are delivered to a home, picked up by the storage company and then held or delivered to another location later as needed. This innovative type of storage is making moving easier for families and individuals.

Time And Scheduling: Many traditional self-storage solutions require homeowners to load a car or truck and drive out to a facility. This means that multiple trips over the course of several days or weeks are required. This can waste fuel and time. It can also result in lost boxes or broken furniture. Mobile storage containers allow anyone who is moving to take as much time as necessary to pack personal possessions. The container is placed outside of a home or building and left for several days to over a week. The container is always accessible. This makes it easy to pack items slowly. The same is true when the filled container is eventually delivered to the new location. Families can take as long as necessary to unload items.

Storage: It is not necessary for a filled mobile container to be shuttled immediately to another location for unpacking. Many storage companies will hold the container in a secure facility until it is needed. This means that a family can stay temporarily in a hotel or apartment until another house has been purchased or repaired without worrying about dragging every piece of furniture around in a large truck. This also allows anyone to load a container and then pay for monthly storage without having to live near the storage facility for access.

Security: Mobile storage containers provide a high level of security at every stage of the moving process. The container has a locking mechanism that cannot be opened by anyone but the person renting the unit. This normally means that the renter supplies a personal lock. There is never a moment where the container has to be unlocked and unsupervised. This prevents problems that might occur when moving between the home and the storage unit. Only the person renting the container has access to the contents. Even the storage company that moves the container or stores it in a facility cannot open the door. This ensures that the contents are kept secure at all times.

Predictable Costs: Some other moving and storage solutions can have unpredictable costs over time even with an initial estimate. Movers who take care of packing and driving items between houses or apartments frequently take longer than expected. This increases the costs of a move. Other problems such as stairs, traffic and broken packing materials could cause movers to charge extra fees for service that accumulate quickly. Mobile storage containers come with very simple contracts that are easy to understand. The client is responsible for nearly all aspects of the packing and unpacking removing the unpredictably of third-party movers.

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