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Students who are looking to get better grades would be wise to learn how to improve their concentration to help with their studying. It's inevitable that grades will come out after tests and at the end of each semester and may not be what you expected.

These valuable tips may help you get better grades in college or even increase your performance at work:

The rule of five more - If you are reading, doing homework, or working, complete five more pages or problems or minutes and build mental stamina. This will get you past the point of frustration.

Think about one thing at a time - It helps to make a to-do list and write things down so that we don't have to remember them or think about them often, thus freeing our minds up to concentrate and focus on whatever we are doing.

Try to conquer procrastination - Sometimes when we're facing a long or tedious job, we tend to procrastinate in getting started and feel guilty the longer we take to get it done. The job or work is not going away and only occupies that much more of our mind and time by constantly thinking about it.

Use your hands as blinders - To focus completely on your text book or project, you can try "cupping" your hands around your eyes, blocking out all surroundings. Your brain then switches to a "one track mind" and you're able to concentrate on the task at hand.

See things as if for the first or last time - We take a lot of things for granted and many times don't even see what's around us. Focus on your surroundings and really try to SEE your immediate environment. Be fully present in the "now".

Attention training is a way to reduce distracting stimuli and improve your concentration. When your brain is tired, you can build mental endurance by stretching your attention span.

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