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Spa Filters For Dummies

With the emergence of spas, our age old belief of the curative powers of water has been re-established. Being popular around the world, spa treatment works by any one of the non-medical therapies like aromatherapy, soaking in hot tubs, body wraps, massage, yoga etc. With most of the treatments revolving around water as the main medium, it is important to turn our attention to the purity of the water that is being used. There is a huge industry behind maintaining the water quality in terms of the production of high end filters and treatment procedures.

This article would throw light on the various spa filters that are available and their maintenance procedures.
With spas being a common luxury feature even during ancient times, spa filters also made their incidence a long time back. With the filtering mechanism available in olden days, water was purified with the utmost of care for the purpose of being used within the spas. Common filtering modes have been through sand, diatomaceous earth and ceramic, each with a peculiar property in filtering out the particulates of 20 to 30 micro-meters.

Cartridge filters - Ideal spa filter

Slowly with the advancement in technology, cartridge filters came into incidence. Though they have prevailed from the 1960's, its uses have been put to regular use owing to the large number of benefits it offers when compared to its counterparts. The benefits of using cartridge filters are:

A filter cartridge has a pleated surface which greatly enhances the function of these filters well above the others. Advantages of the larger surface area offered by the cartridge filters are as follows:

The greater the surface area, greater the operation time of these filters. Since the closely pleated surface can filter relatively higher particulates, they can be used for longer periods of times.
The larger surface area also facilitates better water flow, thereby requiring less time to purify the water.
Greater operational time means less maintenance and costs relating to it.
With the filter cartridge, materials such as polyester and paper are capable of providing fine filtering methods as they can filter particulates that are sizes 5 to 10 micro-meters.

The spa filter industry at present

With enormous advantages on its side, one must note that cartridge filters are manufactured by many private companies and is especially being designed to fit the spas of famous brands to be found within the current market. An example would be the spa filters for the famous brand, Vortex spas, these are specially designed to have 400 paper cartridges stacked in stripes which are also used to fit the O2 brand of spas around the world. Other spa types which have made their incidence into the treatment industry are the LA Spas, Hot Spring Spas, Signature Spas etc, each demanding a different kind of spa filter both in dimension and materials used.

Few tips to maintain spa filters

Based on the usage of spas, these filters must be cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid replacing them. Cleaning should be strictly done with filter wands and not with stiff brushes or high pressure hoses.
Having a spa filter which can be substituted while cleaning the current one will help to reduce the stress caused on one particular filter and thereby improve the longevity.

Keeping the water inlets clean and neat is yet another aspect that could control the purity of the water.

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