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Shed Building Tips - How Long Will My Shed Take To Build

As a supplier of sheds and other outdoor buildings, one of the most important questions we get asked is usually, "How long is it going to take to install my shed or garage if I decide I want it today? Or, how long is it going to take and what's the process you go through to do that?" So depending on what type of shed or carport or whatever the structure is that you're getting, the actual building time can take anywhere from half a day through to several months.

For a large industrial building, it can take quite a few months, and in some cases years, due to all kinds of problems that are unforeseen in the original proposal. But for a small structure it could take just one to two days for the actual building work to be done. From the time when you get a quote, to the signing of a contract, and then the work involved going through Council is usually about six to seven weeks if everything goes smoothly.

Of course, that's only if there's no building relaxations required for that particular property (which there often are), or no special investigations by Council or the town planning department. So if it's straight forward, you can expect your contractor would be building on your property within about six weeks from when you sign the contract.

It's very important to be careful of shed builders and salesmen who tell you they can get your local Council to approve any building work quickly. There are always a few shady contractors who will offer you some special 'insider' deal in a bid to get the work. It's the same everywhere in all industries - there's always going to be a few people who will try to bend the rules. You just don't want to get caught up in their scams if you can help it.

That's because if you want to deal with somebody who does the right thing and follows the correct legal processes, it is more than likely going to work out costing you less, and everything is going to be done correctly. That way you'll know that what they build for you meets the requirements for your local Council, and will pass all the inspections you have to go through before you get final approval.

Getting something that has been rubber stamped without the required checks by an authorised certifier means your application might not have even been looked at correctly. That can cause major problems for you in the future, and it can come back to bite you. One example could be that your neighbors rights and some of your Council's regulations may have been missed, and that could cause you huge problems in the future if you don't get it sorted out right at the beginning.

It really does take Council a while to go through all the different procedures they have to go through, but it's worth it for the peace of mind you'll have when everything is done correctly.

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