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Reasons Why It Is Important To Use Wicking Sheets

Everyone looks forward to a night of undisturbed sleep but this is not always possible when suffering from night sweats or hot flashes. The reasons for sweating can be anything from menopause to illness, but whatever the reason, it can disturb sleep, causing irritability. Sure, air conditioners and fans help, but it is not possible to use them in the cold weather. Using wicking sheets can provide relief as they promote uninterrupted sleep, minimizing the effect of night sweats, hot flashes etc., while keeping the skin dry. Given below are the top 4 reasons why these sheets should be used:

1. Ideal For Winter Use - In the cold weather, it is not possible to sleep with the fan or air-conditioner. Using these sheets will keep the body at a normal temperature. In the case of problems causing sweaty and clammy skin, the sheets will absorb the body sweat, thereby, lowering the body's temperature to a comfortable level. Also, during extreme cold weather, these sheets keep the body warm and dry.

2. Ideal For Summer Use - When the weather is hot, the body sweats naturally. In addition to this, medical problems like menopause or cancer can cause the individual to sweat more. Using specialized sheets will keep the body cool.

With sheets that are made from fabrics like cotton, the sweat from the body is absorbed into the bed clothes and remains there. But these special sheets pull away the sweat and dry quickly, helping to regulate the body's temperature. In the absence of clammy sheets, it is possible to sleep comfortably without any disturbance.

3. Ideal For Women Undergoing Menopause - Menopause is that stage of life, when a woman's body undergoes many changes. She feels hot, irritable, and sweats a lot. When a woman's body has hot flashes she is unable to sleep properly. At such time, having cool sheets, which do not get wet or clammy due to the sweat, can allow one to get a good night's sleep without waking up in discomfort.

These sheets are made with wicking materials that are either synthetic or natural, depending upon the brand. Fibers like polyester and Teflon are used in the manufacturing of these sheets, and these materials make the sheets comfortable and lightweight. Sometimes, natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and wool are also used, though, to a lesser extent.

Of the natural materials, bamboo is the most comfortable, followed by cotton as they both wick moisture effectively. Wool is less comfortable, as it does not dry quickly. The process of wicking occurs by promoting a capillary action. The material has a tube-shaped pattern that pulls water away from skin, moving it through the tubes to keep the skin dry.

Nowadays, most sheets are made of wicking materials. They are soft and give the consumer a good experience. Wicking sheets are fairly new on the market and not many people are aware of their benefits but once they get to know them, they don't usually go back to using regular cotton sheets.

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